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Instagram testing a feature to help you choose whom to unfollow

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If you have been using Instagram for a long time, then you are bound to have a list of contacts that are inactive and just exist in your list. Chances are you probably forgot about them too, or maybe you follow a lot of people, and your feed ends up being messy. What if you got the list of those accounts and a chance to choose people to unfollow? This is what the feature which Instagram is now working on.

As per the news, Instagram is testing a new feature that will help you tune your feed. An app researcher- Jane Manchun Wong, discovered that this feature lets you categorize the accounts you follow, making it easier to manage them. It creates lists under the subheads like “least interacted with” and “Most shown in the feed” based on your activity for the last 90 days.

To elaborate on these subheads, Instagram will sort all accounts into various categories. The accounts you have interacted with the least that is in terms of reacting to their stories and liking their posts in the past 90 days will come under the category of “least interacted with”. Similarly, accounts with the more posts in your feed, accounts with which you have maximum interaction for the past 90 days.

Instagram will also group these accounts according to the content they show like art, travel, fashion, make-up, etc. The resultant category will make it much easier for you to keep track of all the accounts you follow. If you don’t wish to see the posts of a particular account, you can simply unfollow it to banish them from your feed.

But this is just a test feature, and no one can say for sure if this feature is going to be made available for the public in the future. If it succeeds in the test, then you can expect the feature to roll out soon. This feature will help you stay up to date with people who are dear to you, and this feature is useful on days where you are just in the mood for your favorites than your regular feed.

Apart from this rumored update, you can see some new features on Instagram. The app recently made it easier for you to manage the data you share with third-party apps and sites. If you are a long-time user, then you probably don’t remember the sites you authorized access to collect data from your account.

This new feature will make it easy for you to review your Instagram settings and make changes however you deem necessary. It is a new privacy feature for its global community. If you no longer wish for any site to derive data, you can simply remove it by going to settings > security > Apps > websites > Active. Here you will have the option to remove access of sites that linked to your Instagram account.

It is also said that Instagram is going to update the authorization screen where you will know what kind of data the party is requesting access to. Also, Instagram has launched a dark theme feature, making it easy to use during the night. For now, we need to wait and see whether this test feature will come to reality or not.

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