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Instagram testing on new feature, “Latest Posts”

Instagram is working on a new feature Latest Posts

Instagram is now trying to prototype the ‘Latest Posts’. Now, you may never miss the reverse chronological order of news feed. This prototype will show the recent videos and pictures of the people whom you follow. It emerges as a pop-up in the main feed of Instagram, showing the latest news from the people you follow.

Jane Manchun Wong, who was reverse-engineering the apps for security vulnerabilities and hidden features, stated that “Instagram is working on ‘Latest Posts’ feed for catching up the feed posts.” She also said that this is the feature people are asking for and also hinted that it is not exactly the same as the reverse chronological order, but it looks similar.

She also posted a screenshot that says, “Welcome Back! Get caught up on the messages from [names of users you follow] as well as nine others” it also added with a pop-up of “See Posts” and “Not Now.”

Maybe it is not a full-fledged “Most recent” prototype from Facebook; If it is like the Most Recent prototype, then the users will be mostly satisfied as they won’t miss any feed. Recently Jane Manchun Wong tweeted that “Facebook said this Instagram’s “Latest Posts” feature came from their Hackathon, where employees come up with creative ideas but said they have no plans of moving forward.”

An employee from Facebook cleared that the prototype is developed by the Hackathon, where a group of creative employees on Facebook come up with new ideas, but it is not available publicly.

Previously in mid-2016, Instagram gave up the reverse-chronological feed by showing the articles of the people you mostly cling to. It actually made us scroll through the algorithmic feed based on the majority of the web content we communicate on.

This made the users to get confused because of the disordered time stamps, and it made them think they missed a few posts. But this algorithmic feed somewhat worked gratefully for Instagram because the time-lapse of engaging to Instagram increased as the users always have the relevant, and their most likely content appears at first.

Instagram formerly came up with a “You’re All Caught Up – You’ve seen all new posts from the past 48 hours”. Without this feature, we may go on through the obsessive-compulsive scrolling throughout the feed without knowing which we saw and which we didn’t.

This feature is a hit as it eradicates the zombie browsing, where we cannot stop scrolling with the FOMO. Let’s hope this new prototype, “Latest News” is also a useful one like “You’re All Caught Up.” This prototype also reduced the time people engaged in Instagram.

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg stated that “I expect the time people spend on Facebook, and some measures of engagement will go down. If we do the right thing, I believe that will be good for our community and our business over the long term too,” Whereas some critics companies like Twitter said that they wouldn’t kick out the users from their platform like that.

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