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Instagram tests disappearing text messages and chats

Instagram tests disappearing text messages and chats

Instagram has been testing on a new adventure. It is called the disappearing text messages. Thus, whenever you leave the chat window, all the messages will automatically be deleted. The whole conversation will not be there anymore once you leave the chat. 

It should be known that Snapchat has already done the same. Now Instagram is planning to bring the same feature to its platform. The feature lets you send and receive ephemeral chat messages as per your wish. It is just like you have been doing on Snapchat for a good amount of time. Facebook’s owned platform is working on a short text, chats, and messaging feature, which clears the chat box on its own whenever you exit it.

There was a hidden code in the Android app, which was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong. She is an app researcher. In no time, the news gained momentum. After all, it is always interesting for users to keep a tab on the latest features and coming tools and know what the tech stalwarts are planning to bring for the next.

If this appears to the users, just as Jane Manchun Wong has revealed, then you are in for a surprise. Just when you want to have a short-lived chat form, you will be taken to a dark mode messaging window where you can easily begin an Instagram Direct conversation. Once the participants exit the chat window, the chat will no longer be there. It also means that you cannot just go back and refer to what all you had conversed with. For that matter, there will not be any record of what the other party said or wrote at that point in time!

Snapchat had allowed its users to control any replay for some time or just even for once. It let the user control how they wanted the messages to be seen. It was important in case the user wanted to send more sensitive messages which are meant to be read just once by allowing them to prevent replays. 

It prevented the other person from having any time to take a picture of their screen using another phone or camera. Many people avoid screenshots for fear of triggering an alert to the other party in the chat. Taking a camera picture is seen as safer than a screenshot, which could alert the sender. With the prevention of replays, even this could be avoided for good. It means a case of much more privacy in case of sensitive imagery and texting.

In what she termed as an “early barebone version,” the app researcher shed some light on what the feature might look like. It should be noted that the chat thread will, therefore, appear empty always whenever you open the chat box again. “…mode where messages disappear. It seems to be in an early barebone version, but I tried my best to demonstrate how it might work.”

The social media platform envisaging these features was enquired about the same. Instagram admitted that it has been exploring new features to improve the users’ chatting and texting experience. The company further said that the said feature was still in early development and was not being experimented “externally just yet!”

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