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Instagram Users can now View Live Streams on the Web

Instagram Users can now view Live Streams on the web

The current health crisis scenario across the globe has truly left everyone aghast and stuck at home. Not every person that uses Instagram feels inclined towards watching live streams on their phone just to kill their boredom. But Instagram has come up with some great news for its users. You no longer have to watch live streams on your phone, as the company has released a new update. This update will enable its customers to view the live stream on the web directly.

Now users may find it difficult to understand what difference viewing live streams on the web and phone may be like. This experience may not be new for many people. It supports two-person live streams, and the extra space on the screen is also utilized effectively. It helps in keeping the comments separated from the video and makes it easy and clear for you to watch the live stream.

On the other hand, while watching a live stream of Instagram on your mobile phone, the comment space may cause it to become very distracting, and also block a part of the video from you to view. The Instagram live video no longer obscures the feeds as it has now moved to the web. 

Instagram did not make any announcements or provide updates to the news that it is working on providing live streams on the web as well. On trying to get in touch with the company about the recent release and if it can provide us with more information on the new rollout, the company was unavailable for immediate response.

There are various other web-friendly alternatives for you to do a live stream. And looking at the update provided by Instagram, the company is still lagging compared to those other web-friendly alternatives. The reason behind that is because of the fact that you can’t start any broadcast from your desktop directly. Thus, the service is limited and bound. 

No matter what, these new changes in the web version of Instagram, is still better than the old one. And for people sitting idle at home, who wish to connect with their fans through their live streams, can easily do it now. The new update is truly going to be appreciated by the influencers, musicians, and dancers who wish to reach out to their thousands of fans. 

Apart from being the subject of criticism for several years cause of its changing interface, privacy policies, and other allegations related to censorship, Instagram has become a widely accepted platform for around a Billion users. The huge number of rising users daily has not failed to attract the attention of several commercial business organizations and marketers. So, if you are a businessman or a marketer, Instagram is your one-stop solution of advertisements for your products and promotions. And now, with the web version supporting live streams, it has become more than possible for people to connect to the world.

If you are a regular Instagram user, you will most probably know that there doesn’t exist too much difference between the features of photo sharing and video sharing of Instagram, as the process of adding tags, locations, stickers are all the same; except for the fact that these videos can be about 60 seconds long. 

So the live video making a feature of Insta can be used by you if you are a brand or just an individual and want to promote your products via short creative commercials. Instagram supports the feature of live video sharing, which, to be very much used by businesses to live telecasts the survey or feedback experience of their customers using their products, which helps them earn the trust of the audience and increase their market.

But the company was receiving a lot of flak and criticisms because of how users felt restricted on their desktop while using the interface. It is yet to be seen how Instagram users are going to respond to the new changes and whether the company will bring future alterations to the live video stream on the web.

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