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Instagram’s Latest QR Codes can Directly Access a User Profile

Instagram’s latest QR codes can directly access a user profile.

Back in 2018, Instagram introduced the ‘Nametags’ feature that was pretty much similar to Snapcodes in Snapchat. These Nametags are very much like internal QR codes. With the aid of these tags, one could add friends easily to his/her profile. All one had to do was capture the name tag within the limits of his/her Instagram camera. It would automatically add them to the friend list whose name tag was focused upon.

Now, the latest feature that Instagram has introduced is that of QR codes. With these codes, one can directly access the profile of the user they have been locating. One simply needs to scan or capture the QR code within any camera app that can figure out QR codes. 

Instagram introduced this functionality in Japan last year. Users who have their businesses would be highly benefitted with this kind of a feature. Business owners can generate their QR code and display the same, which would help customers scan it so that the business account can be accessed. People would get an idea regarding the store hours once they check the Instagram account. They can even order or purchase items. If nothing, they can simply become a follower of that particular business account. 

The main difference here is that the QR codes can be captured via any camera app that is compatible with the same, unlike the name tags, which only had to be captured via the Instagram camera.

How can one generate a QR code?

To generate a QR code, one needs to visit the settings menu available on the profile. From there, the QR code option needs to be accessed. Users may still see the option of Nametag present at the same location. However, this feature would finally become a QR code. Once the QR code gets generated, the image can be saved as well as shared. 

Other apps making use of QR codes

Various other well-known apps have been using their QR code system for quite some time now. These include Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Spotify. Out of all these apps, Twitter makes use of actual QR codes. Now, with the Covid-19 pandemic looming at large, it is not astonishing that Instagram has resorted to adapting the QR code system. 

As mentioned above, business owners can find this feature quite useful. Now, hotel owners have started putting up QR codes instead of the actual menu. Users are expected to scan these codes to get access to the complete menu and even order food to their doorstep. 

Likewise, various other business owners are appealing people to scan their QR codes to view the complete Instagram account of the particular business. Although the Instagram name tags were quite useful, with QR codes, it becomes even simpler because these codes can be accessed via any camera app suited for the purpose. Thus, there is no need for people to depend on the Instagram app to capture these codes.

Image source: Engadget

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