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Intel Cybercrime Alert!! About 20GB Internal Documents Surface Online

Intel cybercrime alert!! About 20GB internal documents surface online

It seems like a major instance of cyber crime has occurred within Intel. About 20GB worth or perhaps even more internal information of the chipmaker has been reported to be leaked online. Amongst these documents, some were even designated as “confidential” or “restricted secret.” According to ZDNet, these files have been uploaded on Mega, the file-sharing site. Intel is reportedly trying to find out how this security breach has occurred.

All of these documents were published by a Swiss software engineer and an open security advocate named Till Kottmann, who stated that he had received these files from an unknown hacker. The hacker has claimed that he hacked the firm and caught hold of this information sometime around May. All of these leaked files have reached Kottman as he is in charge of a very popular Telegram channel where he is publishing such leaked data belonging to major tech organizations. There are various sources of data leaks, such as misconfigured Git repositories, cloud servers, and online web portals.


According to Kottman, the latest Intel leak represents only one part amongst all of its other leaks. ZDNet has stated that it has gone through these leaked documents with the aid of security researchers who have stated the leak to be genuine. Previously, these researchers have reported having analyzed Intel’s CPU’s. However, they didn’t want to reveal their identity.

Thorough research conducted by ZDNet into the leaked data reveals a lot of information. ZDNet has stated that the leaked files contained a lot of information related to technical specifications, product guides as well as user manuals for CPU’s that were manufactured as long back as 2016.

The leaked files contained internal design information as well as source codes developed for various chipsets. It also includes reference codes for BIOS as well as sample codes for Kaby Lake. Apart from this, there were a few diagrammatic representations, tools, and firmware related to the organization’s forthcoming Tiger Lake processors. Fortunately, none of this leaked data held any confidential data related to Intel customers and employees. However, it is important to find out what other information the hacker has gotten hold of before releasing them online. 

All said and done. Intel still refuses to believe that its internal servers were hacked. However, Kottmann’s source claims that the security of Akamai CDN, which hosted the Intel server online, was compromised. Intel has provided a statement to ZDNet, saying that someone who had entry to its Resource and Design Center might have leaked out the information. The Resource and Design Center is a web portal through which Intel’s business partners get access to non-public technical documents on its chipsets. 

Intel has provided a statement that it is investigating the entire security breach incident. It has released the following statement: “We are investigating this situation. The information appears to come from the Intel Resource and Design Center, which hosts information for use by our customers, partners and other external parties who have registered for access. We believe an individual with access downloaded and shared this data.”


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