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Intel Says Foldable-Display Laptops are 2 Years Away & we could see them by 2021

Intel Fodable Laptop Image

With the launch of a foldable smartphone by Samsung earlier this year, there have been expectations of foldable laptops in the near future. Not that laptops are already “foldable” but this time it would even include “foldable screen.” Though the idea seems amusing and people are already excited, but it would take a lot of time. The Samsung Galaxy fold has already faced certain issues regarding the technicalities and breakdowns after using for a few hours, companies are still thinking about exploring this technology.

In this competition one of the most growing companies is Intel. Intel has already announced that it would take at least 2 years to introduce the foldable laptops in the market.

“It’s early pathfinding now, and we are trying to understand the capability and the limitation of the (foldable) technology” quoted Joshua D. Newman, Intel’s general manager of mobile innovation and Vice president of company’s Client Computing Group, at an Intel Symposium at Taipei.

As per reviews, Intel is already working on the concept of foldable laptops and is seeking help from LG Display, Samsung display, BOE, and Sharp for the OLED display. With the rise in the sales of smartphones, notebooks, and tablets, the sale of laptop has abased in the last 8 years. The “foldable laptop” technology, if successful, would no doubt increase the sales rate. Although it depends on the customers that if there would be any need of foldable screen or not, which would further decide the future of the foldable laptops.

Though Lenovo has already released the first look of ThinkPad X1, the first foldable laptop, it cannot be accessed by the customers and it would take at least 2 years for the product to come in the market. Meanwhile, Intel is researching on the foldable technology and if the research goes well, then we can see Intel foldable laptops in the near future.

The Intel foldable laptops would have all the features of a normal laptop and in addition, it would have a foldable screen and also a virtual keyboard, since a hardware keyboard won’t be able to work properly in this laptop. Apart from that, there might be an issue with the location of the battery as, if the laptop is folded, the battery might break. To avoid this problem, the battery location needs to be designed such that it won’t break and the laptop would not be heavy at one side.

There are many questions regarding Intel’s “foldable laptops” and can only be answered when the product is finally released in the market. Till then, we can only hope that the foldable laptops do not have a folded fate like the Samsung Galaxy fold.

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