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Intel working towards creating a tiny gaming PC

Intel Ghost Canyon NUC Image

People who are interested in exploring various versions of PCs might have definitely heard and come across Intel’s NUC (Next Line of Computing) series units. Although these computer systems might not have been practically useful for many, there are people who still love to explore them. Now, what exactly are these NUC computing units? Well, these are tiny components or box-type units that are embedded within CPUs.

However, there is a little more to all of this. The user needs to add up his own RAM, memory, and Operating System (OS). No prizes for guessing that all these factors add up to the total cost of the unit, which could be much higher than creating a desktop. In spite of all these factors, NUC units have been appreciated a lot by its users.

Now, at the CES 2020, Intel has showcased the latest entrant in the NUC series- the Ghost Canyon NUC. Its size is big enough to accommodate a desktop graphics card within itself. It resembles more like a mini-desktop PC, rather than miniature NUC devices that were available previously. Game lovers and explorers would definitely love this device as it offers immense flexibility and good performance.

Prior to the Ghost Canyon NUC, Intel had created the Hades Canyon NUC, also denoted as NUC 8. This was created by embedding AMD’s Radeon graphics within an Intel processor. Back then, it was quite capable. However, it could not help much, with practically not much up-gradation possible. In short, it was nothing when compared to a desktop GPU.

So, what is it that makes Ghost Canyon NUC, also known as NUC 9, differ from Hades Canyon NUC? Well, the latest NUC may not trouble the user when upgrading the CPU, GPU, memory, and storage space. It would not require much effort. Moreover, it is likely to contain an i9 processor. This can reach up to 5GHz on a single core. CPU up-gradation is also possible in this latest version of NUC.

The volume of this computer system is about 5 liters. This is as small as a game console. It is this feature that makes it simple to update the “Compute Element” cartridges of the CPU.

Intel has not divulged further details. Although, a few sources within the company have stated that the system could offer support for processors up to Intel’s H-series Core i9 processors. Intel has certain partners on board who are ready to offer any kind of customizations to the system. In fact, these partners could be of great help to customers when there is a need to add memory, storage, and operating system. They could also provide users with a graphics card if it is required.

Although this is likely to cost much more than a normal desktop, it would be highly appreciated by those who are fond of playing games on the PC, mainly as it could offer a great gaming experience. Secondly, it is very portable. The entire unit can be easily accommodated into a backpack.

So far, Intel has just given a gist of how this entire device would be working in general, during the annual CES event. A more detailed working and additional features of Ghost Canyon NUC would surely arrive sometime later this week.

Image Source: Engadget

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