Investigators Said that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Mobile was Hacked by Saudi Arabia Authorities

An investigator was hired to look into the release of Jeff Bezos intimate images. He said that Amazon’s CEO mobile was hacked by Saudi Arabia officials to access his personal data.

Gavin de Becker linked this hack with the coverage is done by Bezos owned newspaper The Washington Post on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist. The murder happened at Istanbul kingdom’s consulate last year.

Gavin de Becker wrote on The Daily Beast website stating that their investigators and several other experts have concluded that the Saudis had access to Bezos mobile and gained all the private information in it. He added that Bezos’s mistress was paid to release the entire information by the National Enquirer Scandal Sheet. The involvement of Bezos’s brother isn’t clear yet.

He further wrote that MBS (crown prince of Saudi Arabia) thinks of The Washington Post as an enemy. Mohammed Bin Salman was considered responsible for murder by the US Senate after having a closed-door briefing with him.

de Becker didn’t give clear information about which part of the government he considers responsible for the hack. He gave some details about the information which has led him to the conclusion that the kingdom was responsible for this hack.

The results that he has mentioned were turned over to the federal officials. Bezos hired Gavin De Becker and his other associates to find out how the intimate messages and image from his mobile went into the hands of Enquirer Publisher. It reported about his extramarital affair. This news has wrecked his marriage and let to divorce.

He also accused the Enquirer publisher American Media Inc. of blackmail. The publishing house has threatened Bezos that they will publish the images. Saudi Arabia is stressing that their crown prince is not involved in the murder of the journalist.

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