iPhone users can now subscribe to their favorite Twitch streamers; But need to pay Apple Tax

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All iPhone users now can rejoice. They can subscribe to their favorite twitch streamers and view them directly on their app. Provided they pay the Apple tax and update their Twitch app.

So far, people could view Twitch streamers on their desktops. However, Twitch has now taken a big jump and is offering to view its streamers on iPhones too. Twitch had formally announced this feature at this year’s TwitchCon in San Diego. However, it was rolled out only this Friday.

Subscribing to Twitch streamers on an iPhone could be a little different as compared to the usual Twitch subscription experience on the desktop. Apple is responsible for this. All companies owe a 30% share to Apple for any digital subscriptions or media done through their app store. This is one of the main reasons why Twitch took a long time to offer their subscriptions to iPhone users. So far, even Amazon, who owns Twitch, has not opted to sell any media through iOS apps.

The benefits offered in Twitch streaming on iPhones are more or less, quite similar to the Twitch streaming on desktops. According to sources, there are no irritating advertisements that interrupt the streamers. They also come with sub-badges, offer features like channel emoticons and sub-only chat. They also provide monetary support to the partner or affiliate.

How can one subscribe to Twitch streamers on their iPhones?

To view the subscription option on iPhone, ensure that the Twitch app is up to date. Then click on the video screen to view the subscription button.

To subscribe to Twitch streamers on iPhones, there is something known as ‘iOS sub tokens’ which need to be purchased. These tokens are priced at $5.99, which is slightly on the higher side as compared to the normal desktop subscription of $4.99 for a Tier 1 subscription. On purchase of this token, it can be redeemed in a month. This means you can enjoy Twitch streamers on your iPhone without any interruptions for a month.

And yes, Twitch has offered a special deal exclusively for October; 2 iOS sub tokens can be purchased at a price of $8.99 only. This sounds interesting!!! Otherwise buying 2 tokens each for $5.99 can cost much more.

What if one wishes to extend their subscription to more than a month or even a year maybe? Well then, Twitch has provided a solution for this as follows- people could purchase 12 tokens at a single time so that their subscription can go for about a year without the need to subscribe frequently. However, there is no clarity regarding the purchase of Tier 2 and 3 subs. Ideally, there should be no issues with these. Twitch is yet to reveal any information regarding the Tier 2 and 3 subs. So far, none of the Twitch blogs contains any news about Tier 2 and 3 subscriptions.

As all Android users contain mobile subscriptions, this is no big deal for them. So, subscribe to Twitch on iPhones and enjoy watching their streamers!!!

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