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Is Apple Initiating To Work On Self-Driving Cars?

Is Apple Initiating To Work On Self-Driving Cars?

We are all aware that Apple is very reserved about its efforts on developing a self-driving car. But as per the Engadget latest reports Apple took a secretive initiative to develop auto pilot cars by hiring a chieftain for the project.It official that apple has hired a Teslas former employee Christopher CJ Moore. He is the former director of Tesla’s autopilot software. He has been Director of Tesla’s Autopilot Software since 2019 and has been with the company since 2014. Moore has yet to update it.

In May, Moore told California’s DMV that Elon Musk had overstated the automaker’s schedule of fully autonomous driving. On the DMV conference call, he made a statement that level 5 autonomous driving is coming soon. It did not correspond to “the reality of engineering” and says Tesla’s technology will soon be able to function without human intervention. At this point in time, only level 2 autonomous driving is possible and the driver has to pick up the steering wheel. Moore had already left Tesla by the beginning of October.

It is suggested that Apple is pushing attempts to work on autonomous driving technologies, a high-stakes race with automakers like Tesla. Moore joins a department known for its secrecy. Apple never made its auto plans and their frequent changes public. The project, codenamed Titan, left the company earlier this year to continue technology efforts at Ford Motor Co.

Moore and Stuart Bowers are two former employees of Tesla that Apple is hiring now for its car division. It is in talks that other hires include Tesla’s VP of Engineering, Michael Schwekutsch and  Steve MacManus. Moore’s tenure at Tesla has been somewhat controversial as he often refuted claims made by CEO Elon Musk about the autopilot’s performance. Moore told the DMV, for example, that Musk’s repeated claims that Tesla could achieve level 5 autonomy in a couple of years were unrealistic. 

The current state of Apple’s self-driving software stack remains very much unclear. Apple runs a small test fleet of prototype autonomous vehicles in California. The system is believed to rely on video cameras and LiDAR radars to sense the surrounding environment.

For a while, Apple was focusing solely on autonomous driving software. However, around 2019, it is understood that Apple had once again set its sight on building an actual vehicle. It has hired away various high-profile execs from other automakers, including Porsche’s chassis development vice president earlier this year.

However, Project Titan suffered a major setback earlier this year as former lead Doug Field departed Apple for Ford. Apple is supposedly set to partner with an assembly partner who will actually build the vehicle based on Apple’s design. In June, Apple was reportedly seeking a manufacturer for the Apple Car’s batteries.

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