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Is Samsung’s Mid-Range Galaxy New Chip Exynos Better than the Snapdragon

Is Samsung’s Mid-Range Galaxy New Chip Exynos better than the Snapdragon

There may be some time left for Samsung’s huge crowd of Galaxy smartphones to arrive. However, that has not stopped the South Korean multinational conglomerate from manufacturing chips responsible for making these devices work. Samsung has even gone ahead and organized an event for the same wherein it plans to announce the chip’s arrival and provide further details regarding the same. The idea behind organizing an event exclusively to launch a chip is to let everyone know that it could work wonders for Samsung’s intermediate-level smartphones.

The chip’s launch event was revealed via a teaser released by Samsung’s China office. The event is slated to happen on November 12 in Shanghai. The chipset named Exynos 1080 would be coming with a built-in 5G connection, very much like the Exynos 980. Apart from this, not much information has been revealed in the teaser. However, Samsung has provided some hints as to what could be coming along with the Exynos 1080. One would have to witness the launch event to know specific and precise details about the chip. 

Samsung has provided some information to Android Authority that the Exynos 1080 is nothing but a successor to the Exynos 980 chip. However, the 1080 chip would be equipped with the latest Cortex-A78 CPU cores along with Mali-G78 type graphics. To sum this up, the Exynos 1080 cannot house itself within Samsung’s flagship phones like the Galaxy S. Rather, It would prove to be very useful for Samsung’s intermediate level phones, whose performance can be improved considerably with this chip’s inclusion. For instance, this chip would be a good choice for phones falling within the Samsung Galaxy A lineup.

However, when we say that the Exynos 1080 chip is suitable for mid-range phones, one should not underrate its performance or assume that it would be quite slow, which is not the case. During the initial testing phase, the conclusions were that the speed of 1080 was much higher than the Snapdragon 865. So, even though one may not have witnessed the chip’s actual performance, it is not a bad idea to state that Samsung’s intermediate level phones slated to arrive in 2021 would show up an amazing and fast performance which was not the case earlier. 

The Exynos 1080 has been predicted to be extremely important for Samsung in the upcoming year. Although there is not an iota of the doubt here that Samsung has been performing extremely well within its smartphone marketplace despite the COVID-19 crisis, there is still a thin barrier between the customers who are willing to spend and those who may not be able to afford high-range phones. It is worth mentioning here that the pandemic has hit the income of many, thereby increasing the economic hardships. 

Hence, it could so happen that people who require good phones may go for the mid-range ones, whose prices are lower than that of the high-range ones, which contain the successor of the Exynos 990. So one can imagine the prices of such smartphones accordingly. And Samsung is launching the Exynos 1080 chip at the perfect time to let the world know the wonders of this chip and how it can increase the performance of Samsung Galaxy’s mid-range listers. 

Image source: Engadget

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