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Is your iPhone 11 screen not responding? Apple would replace it for free

Is your iPhone 11 screen not responding? Apple would replace it for free

Apple claims that a few iPhone 11 have been exhibiting screen issues, such that the touch mechanism of the display is not working properly. To sort out the same and reduce the inconvenience faced by customers, Apple has vowed to replace such non-working screens for absolutely free of cost. The tech giant has revealed that the free cost replacement would be done based on a renewal program called “iPhone 11 Display Module Replacement Program for Touch Issues.”

Apple has admitted that displays of certain iPhone 11 phones made in the interim period between Nov 2019 to May 2020 have been portraying touch functionality issues due to some problem within the display component. The exact details of the issue have not been provided. However, the tech giant has requested the customers who own these defective iPhone 11s to visit their support page and find out if their phone’s serial ID has been mentioned over there. In such a case, these phone screens would be changed without the customer having to bear any cost.

The device’s serial number should be available in the following location within the phone:

Settings->>General->>About. On visiting this path, users would be able to obtain the serial ID of their iPhone.

Steps to check whether phone screen is eligible for replacement:

  • Visit the Apple support page and enter the serial ID of the phone in the dedicated space provided
  • On this ID is entered, the website will process the same at its backend to find out if the phone is eligible for replacement
  • If the entered serial ID matches with the number in the replacement list, then the customer would be notified of the same.
  • Customers seeking replacement of their iPhone 11 screens must take their phones to the nearest Apple Authorized Service Provider where the needful would be done.
  • If there is no access to an Apple Authorized Service Provider, customers can also pay a visit to an Apple Retail Store.
  • If both the above options are not feasible, then the user can request the support team at Apple to provide them with mail-in assistance for the same with the help of Apple Repair Center.

However, Apple has clarified one thing here that the phone would be rectified only in those locations where they were initially purchased. Moreover, the company does not intend to increase the coverage of the phone’s standard warranty period.

A suggestion coming from the tech giant here is that all the data present in the device being backed up or saved elsewhere before taking it for repairs. Moreover, Apple would not be entertaining those phones whose screen glass has developed cracks or is broken. Under such circumstances, the company recommends getting the same rectified before submitting the phone for rectification.

Customers who have already gone on to get this issue fixed at their own cost before this program’s commencement are eligible to get a refund for the repairs. For claiming the refund amount, users can directly contact Apple and speak to them via links on Apple’s support page.

Another important point that iPhone 11 owners need to note here is that their phone should indeed have been manufactured in the time stated above. Like the iPhone 11, Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, other prototypes of this smartphone would not be eligible for screen replacement even if their screens turn out to be non-functional like these.

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