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Is Zeiss Camera Worth $6000 Without Knowing its Hands-On Experience?

Is Zeiss Camera Worth $6000 Without Knowing its Hands-On Experience

2020 is full of surprises and shocks. In vein with Sony RX1 and Leica announced back in 2018, the Zeiss Camera is now available for pre-order at a cost of $6000. At one time, the company even stopped talking about this Zeiss Camera after announcing its full-frame sensor and all inbuilt creative features. 

This Camera is almost like a mini android tablet with enhanced camera lens facilities. The lens of the Zeiss camera need not be changed because of the full-frame sensor with a fixed 35mm Distagon f/2 lens. Inbuilt memory of 512GB, 37MP Camera, 4.3-inch touchscreen are included in this compact sized Camera. The Camera runs in the Android variant, and there is also a built-in version of Adobe Lightroom, so there is no need to transfer your photos to desktop or phone to complete your edits on the photo. 

Zeiss camera supports Bluetooth, USB-C, and Wi-Fi connections. That makes it easy to access the pictures from Zeiss is easily accessible through other screens. The pictures can be easily synced to your desktop lightroom. At the same time, the lens manufacturing company is not that into the camera manufacturing process up to now. But releasing this Zeiss camera with a custom made lens and all the advanced features is really a big step for them.

Here the question is, why would anyone be interested in paying $6000 before knowing the manual experience on the Zeiss. Of Course, the features of the Camera are tempting, and when compared to its vein model Sony RX1 with the same full-frame sensors and 35mm f/2 lenses but there is no presence of adobe lightroom, but it costs at $3,300 only. The price is half of the Zeiss camera’s price, and the Camera is smaller than Zeiss. In contrast to the Leica Q2 with full-frame compact space price, i.e., $4,995, Zeiss is not near that cost. 

No doubt that the Zeiss features are questionable, but the cost makes even Leica look affordable than this Camera. So all the comparable cameras are below $5000, which makes this a luxe choice for snappers. 

The Camera is made to Take a snap, edit, and share in a single go. It is an advanced and time-saving process. They Announced the news in 2018, and the hands-on manual of the device is supposed to be released by Nov 2019, which we all know is not happening. Now the Camera is listed on B&H. Notifying all the features of the Camera. There is a chance that the Camera may not be available if it is ever made. Based on the price point of view, some people may think it may not be worth it. 

Image source: TheVerge

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