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John Legere Resigns from the Board of Directors of T-Mobile; wants to Pursue other Options.

John Legere resigns from the board of directors of T-Mobile; wants to pursue other options.

The T-Mobile US may not have been in the position it is today if it weren’t for John Legere. John Legere was appointed as the CEO of the Company almost 7 years ago, and he has been one of the major reasons behind the culminating success of the company. What came as a surprise is that John Legere has finally cut all ties with the T-Mobile company this week by stepping down from the board of directors. Previously, by the start of April, John Legere had already stepped down from his post of CEO, and Mike Stewart was appointed at his place.

The former CEO mentioned that he would remain as a member of the board of directors of the T-Mobile Company for as long as June 4th, 2020. But apparently, John Legere has decided to cut his decision short and has stepped down from even the board of directors to pursue other options. The decision was abrupt, and the effect was immediate. 

T-Mobile released a note to all of its employees and staff that contained the announcement of the sudden resignation of John Legere along with a quote by the former CEO itself.

The announcement by T-Mobile read, “Mr. Legere noted that he was not resigning because of any disagreement with management or the board on any matter.”

John Legere also penned down notice to the company, which stated, “It has been a privilege and honor to have led T-Mobile as CEO for the past seven and a half years and served on the Board of Directors. And although I will be leaving the board just a few weeks earlier than planned, be assured that I remain T-Mobile’s #1 fan!”.

John Legere had plans of pursuing some other options, and apparently, those plans could not wait another month and hence the sudden resignation. If we recall, John Legere was one of those CEOs that were known for being the most outspoken person with a brazen personality. From calling out his completion to vulgar trash talk about Verizon and AT&T, Legere has done it all. It was under his leadership that the company prospered so much as he took risks and challenges that many CEOs would back out from. 

Some of his most bold decisions were moving out of two-year contracts, some business policies, and practices that created a revolution in the mobile industry along with subsidized phone pricing. Although Legere was criticized at first for making such abrupt decisions soon, even his rival companies had adopted these policies to kick start their business. 

Several speculations were made that John Legere is in talks with the WeWork Company and will soon be joining them. But that was all a rumor, and Legere refuted the claims in November itself. It is not clear what John Legere intends to do next or what his new endeavor will be. But since the moment he stepped down from being the CEO of T-Mobile, the former CEO has been busy connecting with his massive followers on Twitter and his other social media handles. The CEO is extremely famous and has a follower of almost 6.5 million twitter users. 

It was on Friday that John Legere shared a sentimental post for his competitor, CEO of AT&T Randall Stephenson, who also stepped down from being the CEO and will be succeeded by John Stankey in July 2020. A new era of leadership has truly begun where the CEOs have barged into having a healthy completion while respecting each other. 

On trying to get in touch with John Legere, to get some more information on what his next endeavor will be, the former CEO of T-Mobile has not responded to any emails, texts, or phone calls. Therefore, it will be safe to assume that the CEO will soon be announcing his next venture on his social media handles for his followers to know.

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