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Juneteenth now an official holiday for Twitter and Square employees

Juneteenth now an official holiday for Twitter and Square employees

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square, announced on Tuesday that Juneteenth would be observed as an official company holiday in the US. The addition of the day as an official company holiday comes from the aim of commemorating the end of slavery, particularly. It is also another overture that many other major corporations have on racism and police brutality that caused the death of George Floyd.  

In a Twitter thread, CEO and founder of Twitter and Square, Dorsey wrote that the day June 19 is for celebration, education, and connection. It is also notable that the announcement has come on the exact day of George Floyd’s funeral. Many significant businesses, small and big, have made alterations to their policies to enhance their social responsibility front to support the Black Lives matter movement. 

Emancipation Proclamation is observed on June 19 each year, and it is the day that declared all the African-American slaves in the US to be free. The Proclamation was read in Texas in 1865 despite its being issued six months in advance, and today, the day is celebrated to remember this specific day. According to Dorsey, the company plans to include as many dates as possible as official holidays in various regions they are present to celebrate Emancipation. 

This announcement of observing an official holiday makes a mark for social justice in light of the recent events and protests going on against racial discrimination and violence from the police. Thousands of people across the US continue to protest after George Floyd died in police custody on May 25. 

Many tech companies have come forward after recent events and pledged a major part of their funds to help social justice and civil rights groups that are refighting against social discrimination. Apple and Google have been the significant names here who have made an effort to support black communities. Apple CEO Tim Cook also published a very open letter on racism, which is now on its official website for public viewing. 

A professor from Cornell University has appreciated Twitter CEO’s announced that this year, it was more important to take a step like this, and the observance help more important than usual. Juneteenth has been a holiday that was not known outside of the black community earlier. It was unusual for her that a company with a majority of White employees takes a step like this for commemoration. 

Earlier this month, Dorsey had also pledged 3 million dollars to Colin Kaepernick’s Know your right camp that works to empower the next generation of change leaders. It is quite clear about the direction in which the CEO of the two companies is heading with his decisions. 

Image source: Cnet

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