Senator Kamala Harris asks Twitter CEO to suspend President Trump’s account for Civil War tweets

Senator Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and a 2020 presidential candidate wrote officially to the CEO of Twitter asking to suspend President Donald Trump’s twitter account on account of it being provocative and violations of Twitter policies. Trump has been in the news for a lot of controversies lately but one of the latest tweets which was an attack on a whistleblower got him in trouble.

The tweet is of 27th September which was “Sounding more and more like the so-called Whistleblower isn’t a Whistleblower at all. In addition, all second-hand information that proved to be so inaccurate that there may not have even been somebody else, a leaker or spy, feeding it to him or her? A partisan operative?” to which Kamala Harris wrote in her open letter that

“We need civil society, not a civil war. These tweets represent a clear intent to baselessly discredit the whistleblower and officials in our government who are following the proper channels to report allegations of presidential impropriety, all while making blatant threats that put people at risk and our democracy in danger.” 

Harris also mentioned multiple messages wherein Trump has referred the whistleblower as a ‘spy’ who should be executed for spying, along with a tweet where he called to arrest Adam Schiff (D-CA), Rep., who helped the investigation for fraud and treason against Trump’s. Harris responded to this by saying that these tweets are further threatening and “These tweets should be placed in the proper context”. 

However, Twitter responded that it has received Hariss’s letter and plans to respond to the concerns but is not going to suspend Trump’s account on grounds of it being of the public’s interests. Despite the previous controversies Trump has been in, he still has not reached the limit for such strict action like suspension of the Twitter account to be taken against him.

In June, Twitter announced that it would flag, but not remove, abusive tweets from world leaders. In what amounted to a sort of compromise, Twitter said it would put a disclaimer on such tweets and make it harder for them to spread. Still, Twitter said it would keep the messages on the platform in case they would be in the public interest to access, and that is why it wouldn’t remove a tweet from a prominent militia group claiming that the idea of a “full-blown ‘hot’ civil war” was “increasingly on people’s tongue.”

“I believe the President’s recent tweets rise to the level that Twitter should consider suspending his account,” Harris wrote. “Others have had their accounts suspended for less offensive behavior. And when this kind of abuse is being spewed from the most powerful office in the United States, the stakes are too high to do nothing.” Harris further protested. 

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