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KFC And Pizza Hut Come Up With A New Idea, Giving Cooking Kits In China

Kfc And Pizza Hut Come Up With A New Idea, Giving Cooking Kits In China

The Chain stores are having a hard time seeing their revenue and profits shrink. Thus, unconventional food and delivery models have become the norm. The Pizza Hut, for example, has begun to deliver raw steaks to its consumers who come with a recipe giving all the required information for home cooks. Distancing measures have been incorporated by delivery persons and riders as well.

The world over is facing dramatic consequences due to the outbreak of the on-going COVID 19 crisis. Many small factories and industries have shattered completely. To survive these testing times, companies are doing everything under the sun. In a bid to boost the revenue, companies are employing creative business strategies to do away with the jolt.

Companies are going for business lines like catering and delivering food for people to cook at home. It was never tried before. As per the data compiled by Bloomberg and company reports, 60 percent of listed restaurant operators in China are at the immediate risk of losing all cash. States all over the world are spreading the word about having a reduction in contact, bare minimum or no socializing and staying at homes.

The fact that the masses all over the world have been asked to live inside with a good spirit to tackle this state of emergency comes with its own set of problems. People cannot step outside their homes while there is a complete lock down and worse still in times of a curfew. Most of the shops are closed, and groceries are shut. Many open restaurants are performing poorly simply because people are inside their homes.

Of course, prevention is better than cure. The companies who deal with foodstuffs and dishes like chain stores and the restaurants believe that their food counters and stores plus restaurants have an increasingly important role towards feeding their nation so that the people do not starve while a lock down is in effect. And companies in the food sector like these restaurants and chain stores are doing their rounds through breakthrough methods.

It is made possible often by treading on unconventional routes in their unique ways. Take the important example of Pizza Hut. The chain store has begun to deliver raw steaks now too which come together with a recipe giving details. Using the foodstuff and the recipe attached to it, people are cooking on their own with the exact minutes of the cooking time.

Burger King, for instance, provided free food to kids. It is KFC, who is China’s biggest food chain operator that has decided to upscale their work by taking up the task of catering. The stores have been working to encourage the need to have a limited contact method even in the picking up of foodstuff from them. KFC has begun a process of customizing its menus for its corporate clients that also means its employees can easily order food with the help of KFC’s mobile app.

These food options that will be pursued using the app from KFC would be tailored and fitting to their budget. A lot of work is going in to make sure that the delivery is contactless. The food delivery boy reaches to the doorstep and stands at a distance of 2 metres and watches the customers pick their stuff up. After ensuring that the delivery has been rendered possible, the rider moves to another place to serve food. It was important given that a host of people are in regular contact with these stores.

It is relevant to note that despite the orders of having a lock down and shelter in place, many companies had earlier ordered the staff to reach the site which included the staff working in different tiers of the production and supply process, for instance, the production, service and deliveries.

KFC and Pizza Hut operator Yum China Holdings has been going through an important phase where coming up with some new business lines is the need of the hour. These restaurants are willing to provide lunches for an affordable price. On the other hand, many food chain stores are enthusiastic about distributing food packages on a pay-what-you-can model for all those consumers who could not have afforded the food had there been no such model in place.

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