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KFC experimenting 3D Bioprinting Technology to make world’s first lab-made chicken nuggets

KFC is experimenting 3D Bioprinting Technology to make chicken nuggets

With the technology we have at our disposal today, almost everything is possible, including the creation of chicken meat replacement using plant material. KFC has been looking into this new aspect that would change the food industry and has already been experimenting with the Russian company 3D Bioprinting Solutions.

Since KFC is working with the Russian company 3D Bioprinting Solutions, they would provide them with their own breading and spices to test whether the popular KFC taste is attainable or not. The pilot tests would be done further in Southern California as a succession of the earlier released Beyond Fried Chicken.

It is also notable that except for the method devised by the company, there isn’t an option where the generation of complex animal cells is possible. Hence, it is understandable that KFC is looking into methods that involve the use of plant material and the creation of lab-cultured chicken cells.

3D Bioprinting technology has been earlier used a lot in the field of medicine, as it was mentioned by Yusef Khesuani, the co-founder and managing partner of 3D Bioprinting Solutions. Now, slowly the technology is gaining some momentum in the food industry through fast-food giants like KFC.

In another statement, it was also mentioned by Khesuani that, “In the future, the rapid development of such technologies will allow us to make 3D-printed meat products more accessible and we are hoping that the technology created as a result of our cooperation with KFC will help accelerate the launch of cell-based meat products on the market.”


KFC is rapidly expanding its work in plant-based meat use as they are working with another company in the U.S. that is working in the same area. Beyond Meat is a plant-based meat substitute developer, and KFC is working with them so they could expand their earlier trials with Beyond Fried Chicken.

Earlier, trials have conducted and have been successful for the Beyond Fried Chicken in Atlanta, Nashville, and Charlotte. Now the company will be doing the same but with bigger areas. On July 20, 50 KFC stores will be supplied with the new product in the areas near and around Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. The new plant-based Chicken product will be available for customers till the supplies last.

The two companies that KFC is working with actually work in two different fields but are fulfilling the same purpose. On the one hand, 3D Bioprinting solutions are using 3D printing, while Beyond Meat simply uses plant-based meat for their faux chicken meat. Beyond Meat’s faux chicken had become very popular among consumers as to when it was first introduced in Atlanta, the entire inventory sold out in five hours.

Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer, KFC U.S. had mentioned in one of her statements that imitating the popular flavor of KFC hasn’t been possible until they came up with Beyond Fried Chicken. She also added in the same statement with, “We know the east coast loved it, so we thought we’d give those on the west coast a chance to tell us what they think in an exclusive sneak peek.”

Soon, Beyond Fried Chicken nuggets will also be on the menu as an individual item or a combo; no details are out yet. As for the Russian project that KFC has, the world’s first lab-made chicken nuggets might be available soon in Moscow this fall.

The effort that KFC is putting into growing lab-cultured meat use could have significant effects on climate change. Statistics have shown that energy use in meat generation today could be half of what it is if lab-grown meat is popularized. Even the general manager of KFC Russia & CIS agrees with this as he said in one his statements that, “Our experiment in testing 3D bioprinting technology to create chicken products can also help address several looming global problems.”

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