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KFC gets Slammed Over ‘Higher’ Prices During a Lockdown

KFC gets slammed over ‘higher’ prices during a lockdown

A Birmingham diner at KFC has slammed the chain store for having much higher prices than usual. The fuming customer lashed out at KFC for hiking the prices on takeouts during the lockdown. To this, KFC said that there had always been a charge on deliveries and that it was nothing new.

It should be known that the delivery partners of KFC, be it Deliveroo or JustEat, have been delivering food from stores to customers’ abode while maintaining all the required safety and distancing measures. But even then, customers who wished to stand and wait for this dish coming piping hot would not mind being in queues even if that means standing till posterity. Thus, the drive-through is also a very popular concept.

A similar case was seen in a store at Ventura Park in Tamworth, where some 50 drivers wanted to tease their appetite for KFC’s hot and fried chicken. The drive-thru became all noisy and uncontrollable, with people clamoring and rushing at the scene. It got so difficult for KFC to control the teeming crowd, which had gotten all restless by the time KFC had told customers, “please don’t rush at once” amid the chaos.

The hustle and bustle at the drive-thru have become a regular thing after the store and eatery were opened after a long period of shutting down. Now, a family who wished to avoid the lengthy queues at KFC’s eateries has lashed out at what they considered was a hike in prices, citing a case of ‘increased prices’ during a lockdown. The same had been amply advertised on Deliveroo and JustEat.

Thus, the family planned to dine in on a 12 piece boneless dipping feast. The father, along with his kids, wished to chance upon the said feast for VE Day. That did fall on Bank Holiday Friday observed on May 8. It was just then that the family, most of all, it was the father having had a clear look at the prices of a few selected items. Shortly after, he confirmed in an air of anger that the fried chicken chain store had been charging an extra £5 more.

He said that the chicken eatery store had hiked the prices from £ 18.99 to £ 23.99, marking a hike of £ 5.0. He then reported to Birmingham live about what he thought should catch the media attention. He told how he wanted his kids to have a delivery in, and the prices were way beyond just a hike. He stated that he had checked the prices over the KFC app, where KFC was to deliver the buyers’ orders with a few of the allied companies.

KFC has replied that no increase in prices has taken place. KFC mostly replied at the claims of them having inflated the prices. The fast-food and fried chicken eatery argued that the costs have always been kept a little higher for delivery when compared to a drive-thru or a meal at a restaurant. It was truly the cost of getting the food delivered at one’s doorsteps.

The eatery confirmed that the extra £ 5 which had been payable was simply the delivery cost, which went to pay JustEat and Deliveroo. It did not matter whether there was the pandemic or not. The price charts had always been prepared just that way; KFC concluded.

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