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KFC Introduces its Latest Signature ‘KFC Sauce’, Sauce-Lovers can Gorge on these from October 12

KFC introduces its latest Signature ‘KFC Sauce’; sauce-lovers can gorge on these from October 12

Kentucky Fried Chicken, abbreviated as KFC, is introducing its own new signature ‘KFC Sauce.’ The announcement was made by the KFC itself, which specializes in fried chicken treats. The new sauce would be known as “KFC Sauce,” which comes with a sweet and sour flavor and a little tinge of smokiness. This sauce would go great with KFC’s Extra Crispy Tenders. This sauce would also taste good with KFC’s french fries.

Andrea Zahumensky, the Chief Marketing Officer of KFC in the US, stated that the KFC created its signature dip after taking feedback from its customers, who would be the best people to specify the kind of sauce they were looking forward to having. “When we set out to create a new signature dipping sauce, we went right to the experts – our customers – to find out what made a sauce best-in-class for dipping. We went through 50 iterations, and their response to this recipe was overwhelming!” stated Zahumensky.

Starting October 12, all KFC fried chicken lovers can gorge on this new KFC Sauce at all of the restaurant chain outlets within the US. Apart from the KFC Sauce, there is a range of newly introduced dips like Classic Ranch, Honey BBQ, and Honey Mustard, along with, of course, the KFC hot sauce.

People who prefer having dips with their treats lookout for the best possible sauce. Many people do not enjoy their chicken crispies without the perfect tasting sauce. DoorDash, a food-delivery service in the US, conducted a survey in which it found out that 75% of Americans do not feel like having their meals without proper sauces. In comparison, about 20% feel that sauce forms an integral part of their meal, especially the fried chicken cuisine.

The KFC’s Extra Crispy Tenders have been made such for people who enjoy their snacks by royally dipping them into sauces. The sauce is spread nicely around the crispy coating of these snacks with every dip, allowing the users to enjoy the snack with a delicious saucy taste. 

As KFC launched its signature sauce, Chris Scott, Head Chef at KFC, went on to provide three. 

‘KFCharcuterie’ board recipes which people can try out at home. Zahumensky went on to say, “Charcuterie doesn’t have to be all cold cuts, cheeses, and crackers. It can also be delicious comfort foods like Extra Crispy™ Tenders, Secret Recipe Fries, and indulgent sauces.” She further added, “They are both fun to create and to eat, and I know around my house we are definitely in need of some creative ways to break up the monotony of meals at home.”

The technique of creating a charcuterie board is widely available online, with many people creating TikTok videos based on this theme. These recipes can be fun to try out at home and convert the entire cooking process into a fun task rather than a boring one.  

The three KFCharcuterie board recipes have been provided for the following treats:

  • KFC Little Dipper: This dish is a combo of KFC Extra Crispy Tenders and Secret Recipe Fries. One can enjoy these with KFC Sauce, Classic Ranch, Honey BBQ, and Honey Mustard.
  • Kentucky Game Night Trio: This one consists of Kentucky Fried Buffalo Wings, along with KFC Extra Crispy™ Tenders and Secret Recipe Fries. It goes well with KFC Sauce and additional add-ons like blue cheese, fresh celery leaves, and many more. 
  • Ultimate Family Fill Up: The KFC Extra Crispy Tenders Family Fill Up comes with many dishes suited for a complete family. It comes with Secret Recipe Fries, KFC biscuits, potatoes mashed well, and a gravy decorated with KFC’s latest dips and lovely garnishes. 

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