KFC is Going to Debut Plant-based Chicken Nuggets for Select Period Across few Stores in China

The Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC, as it is known most popularly, will be venturing into the realm of plant-based chicken. That is not chicken to be technical, but that shall look and taste and feel like actual chicken. The limited testing period is going to be from April 28 to April 30 of the running year.

During that period of testing, people in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen will be the beneficiaries of this debut addition. These customers will have the chance to taste the new KFC Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets in the store itself. The chicken nuggets shall be available at a special price of RMB 1.99 for five pieces. 

One thing should be kept in mind, though. For participating in the test, all customers will have to arrange for a pre-sale coupon that is required. A total of 7,000 of these pre-sale coupons were bought on the KFC application. The coupons had been made available by KFC in the limited duration of April 20 to April 23, 2020. The period is over.

That the 7,000 coupons have already been sold tells us a lot about the enthusiasm of people to taste something new from the house of KFC. KFC has been the name when it comes to the juiciest fried chickens that people across the world love to gorge. Now that the brand is debuting in plant-based chicken products, it remains to be seen how the same is received by people who have acquired a taste for its fried chicken over the years.

Would the people appreciate it in the same way as they liked the KFC Fried Chicken? That remains to be seen! Yum China Holdings, Inc operates KFC China. KFC is also popularly known as the “Company” or “Yum China.” One thing to note is that the testing stores are limited too. For instance, only three participating stores in the 3 Tier 1 city across China will feature the plant-based chicken.

After a number of adventurous companies pioneered in the imitation meat field, more and more companies are coming forward and taking the idea forward. These companies could either be serving the fast-food non-vegan delicacies or go for grocery products. But, the aim is clear: to give a delicious alternative to chicken-based products.

KFC has joined hands with Cargill to test KFC Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets across the stores in China. The imitation chicken nuggets will feature some high-quality protein such as soy, special pea, and wheat to come with an authentic taste and a deceptive look.

The company said that it valued innovation and was delighted to bring new stuff to the people. The users would be welcomed to give feedback over the same. They could write to KFC on what all needs to be improved. Nestlé, Kellogg, Smithfield, Tofurkey, and Tyson had launched their plant-based meats in previous development.

The general trends over the globe have seen a considerable shift towards the vegans. A number of people have willingly converted to the vegan way of life, and an amazing number of people are expected to join the bandwagon anytime soon. There has been a paradigm shift in the way the dietary methods and choices are in for a gradual but constant change. 

The grocery stores and eatery companies had to join hands with the changing scene and provide new and effective alternatives for the plant-based eaters.

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