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KFC may be Set to Launch its Gaming Console, giving Competition to Xbox and Playstation

KFC may be set to launch its gaming console, giving competition to Xbox and Playstation.

KFC may be coming out with their console. Yes, you heard that right, the fast-food giant may be stepping foot into the gaming world. The tech giants, Microsoft and Sony, with their generations of Xboxes and Playstations, will see competition from a fast-food chain. Although there had been some news about Nintendo and Google wanting to enter the gaming zone, KFC has taken everyone by surprise. KFC has an official twitter handle called KFC gaming. This handle recently tweeted about the product, which will be called as the KFConsole, keeping the brand name intact.

This tweet came out quite close to the date of the Playstation 5 reveal and the Xbox X event thus may hint towards competition. While KFC has launched a couple of tech products before, in its main objective, it has always stuck around its fast-food business. Thus it is a little surprising that KFC would all of sudden launch a full-fledged gaming console. Even then, fans and customers are eagerly waiting for its reveal to figure out whether this product is what they believe it to be and if it is a good enough competition.

With the tweet comes a short clip, that gives you a little bit of an insight into the look and design of the device. The device will supposedly support cross-platform gaming, have 120fps and 40K systems. The video displays a power button and a disc drive and is shaped like a big chicken bucket. It will also have an inbuilt chamber to heat your chicken wings so that you can enjoy a mid-game snack. This surprising announcement also featured a launch date for the product that is November 12, 2020. While most people are surprised by this announcement, a large number is very sceptical about the product. 

People are unsure whether to wait for an actual gaming console from the fast-food giant or if it is just a food re-heating device with a gaming console like design and marketing agenda. They are assuming that the power button could be for any electrical device, and the disc that has been featured in the video could be a dummy although this will not be the very first time that the fast-food giant has tried its hand at tech gadgets

It launched its KFC phone in partnership with Huawei, back in 2017. Only 5000 pieces of this phone were manufactured and sold only in China. Later in 2018, it again came up with a technical twist to its business. It came out with a KFC box that continued a DIY drone kit. You could build a little drone project of your own, using this kit. This KFC box, just like the KFC phones, was a limited edition product. Thus gamers, customers, and tech nerds all will have to wait for the launch of this product to be able to figure out what KFC has in store for them this time, with this gaming console.

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