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KFC, Taco Bell Tighten Safety, Include Temperature Checking

KFC, Taco Bell tighten safety, include temperature checking

As states around the world are tightening safety measures in their day to day operations, the business world is also adhering to the safety regulations. Some of these, for instance, KFC and Taco Bell, have incorporated several new features like counter shields and infrared temperature scanners.

The global pandemic has taken the world by storm. Hardly anyone has been spared. Those who are the hardest hit during the recent times include small businesses and daily wage earners. The problem of food security is equally dire. As such, there is an increasing need for established businesses to step and help others tide this time in keeping with social distancing.

The Coronavirus pandemic mandates that there be adequate safety measures, and everything that is done is carried out amid complete safety considerations. Restaurants and grocery stores have started to prioritize health and safety through the introduction of a number of measures that would apply to both their customers and employees.

Yum Brands’ Taco Bell and KFC have laid down a comprehensive plan that boasts of enhanced safety efforts. These companies are using technology to the fullest. The application of infrared-based scanners to detect the body temperature of employees is one crucial step taken in the direction of prioritizing health for all.

More than 95 percent of all outlets of KFC and Taco Bell are being operated. While the KFC stores stand at a greater probability to deliver to their customers with around 99 percent of their outlets being opened, that data for Taco Bell stands at a close second with 95 percent of the total number of stores being operational.

These days the stores have employed the facility of temperature checks for their employees. The whole check-up is done just like the ones installed at airports. The checking is carried out with infrared and contactless devices that act as temperature scanners. Apart from that, KFC has also made use of Plexiglas counter shields to enforce social distancing measures while they are at work.

The employees have been instructed to make the optimum use of gloves and masks. While the food is prepared, keeping in mind the provision for keeping a distance from one another, the workers ensure that all orders are correctly sealed. Wherever a carryout facility is available, lobby floors are taped so as to promote social distancing. People who arrive to get their orders packed are mindful of the tape and thus maintain distance.

At Taco Bell, there are actual changes in shifts of cleaning staff, which has been done to ensure an active cleaning role. The customers are also provided with sanitizing wipes for every drive-thru order. It is particularly true for orders made from Taco Bell. Burger King and Popeyes’ had stated that they were giving 15,000 infrared thermometers to measure temperatures of employees, to a number of franchisees.

The temperature check is certainly not new. McDonald’s also had included that safety regime. These stores, mainly those of KFC, are also adding Plexiglas counter shields. At the same time, a conscious effort is being taken at all outlets and delivery persons to rely solely on contactless service and digital modes of payment to nullify the need to retain closeness or vicinity. 

Taco Bell has been delivering across numerous regions, given that almost 95 percent of its total of 7000 stores are open and functioning well. On the other hand, KFC’s 99 percent of restaurants are delivering eatables to the customers through their 4000 stores.

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