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KFC UK Celebrates a Fried Chicken’s Comeback in its New Advertisement

KFC UK celebrates a fried chicken’s comeback in its new advertisement

The lockdown has been an especially trying time for all the outside food lovers. The fried chicken giant KFC has taken this opportunity when it is opening 500 of its outlets in the UK to thank its customers who had been with them the whole time. KFC has come up with a short 30 seconds advertisement that shouts out a comeback!

As quarantine rules get slackened in various parts of the country, and people can avail of some of the earlier restricted services, this is the best of times for food companies and restaurants to project their love and attract the milieu of customers. It was difficult for them to keep missing the authentic tastes of the fried chicken and other dishes offered by their favorite restaurants when the lockdown restrictions were not in place.

In the past several days, the chicken behemoth had also been boosting the spirits of its buyers to create their version of KFC fried chicken while they were at home. A number of people participated in what was being called the #RateMyKFC campaign. The online event witnessed a multitude of hundreds of dedicated KFC lovers posting their takes on the signature dishes at KFC.

This ‘Do it yourself’ campaign is not the only one, as we all know. Recently, Wagamama released their much guarded and secret recipe for their most famous Katsu Curry. The recipe was released in the form of video series. The series had been titled “Work From Home.”

As the previous few weeks made us see the irresistible zeal of people who would do anything to get their taste buds satisfied, it was truly worth applauding. Pictures of thousands of recreated dishes and the restaurant exclusives were just one part of this sustained camaraderie between these chain restaurants and the devoted customers.

Many restaurants went on to stage games and competitions to engage their buyers on-screen and grab an opportunity to earn rewards afterward. As was expected, all of these activities were participated by a huge number of people that were stuck at home, and to some degree, still are.

Even Burger King engaged their customers in a new campaign that showed them how to create a Whopper by themselves at home. The signature dish of Burger King had been an effort towards having it themed on quarantine. After that, many dishes were tried by home quarantined people, for whom this was an effective pastime besides getting to eat the goodness of a Burger King like dish.

After all, the customers have themselves been waiting to grab any and every opportunity that comes their way to feed off the secret delicious foodstuffs. It would not be an overstatement to say that the buyers have themselves been waiting to swarm like bees over to these places and loiter around the restaurants once the restrictions are eased even more.

At such a time, when KFC posts an ad video clip, it appreciated the efforts of people who took part in the DIY campaign and presented their version of the fried delicacy, which got to garner views. The popular fast-food chain service has reopened 500 of its restaurants for delivery in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

But for the time being, it is always a good idea to sit back and relax while the delivery services get you all the tasty dishes that you set your eyes on!

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