Kichler Lighting Calls Back 42,000 Ceiling Fans, Says Manufacturing Defect

Kichler Lighting is one of the leading manufacturers in home appliances and furnishings. Thus, it came as a surprise when the company decided to recall back 42,000 units of its ceiling fans sold in the Lowe’s of the US and also in some parts of Canada. The reason cited behind this sudden decision has been termed as a manufacturing defect. It is being reported that the iron arms holding the blades were detaching, causing the blades to fall. It can be a major risk to every person present in that room and even under the fan.

Till present, no injuries or casualty is reported so far, but the company has received more than 62 reports about such occurrence, where the blades have detached itself from the fan and fallen to the ground. It is a serious catastrophe and can bring a bad reputation to the Kichler Lighting Company. So far, there has only been one report, where the property was damaged. All of this information was disclosed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, where they received a notice about it.

The ceiling fan model in question is one of their largest designs, that is a 52-inch fan with 5 blades. The ceiling fan also comes with an LED light design and the number 35153 printed on its motor. There used to be a time when Consumer Reports used to test every ceiling fan model before giving it a certificate to be released into the market. But from the past few years, Consumer Reports have stopped doing such mandatory tests, as almost every fan produced the same results.

The Kichler Lighting Ceiling fan, which was recalled due to manufacturing issues, had a Mediterranean Walnut Finish with 52 inches blade. The ceiling fans were big enough to be used for both industrial and home purposes. It has 5 blades etched amber glass Led lights with bronze accents. The model has a number 35153 printed on top of its motor casing. Almost 38,900 units of this product were sold all over the US. And more than 3,160 units were sold in Canada.

The cause of the issue is the screws go loose and make the blades fall to the ground, causing a major risk to the people standing below it, or even present in the room. Although no injuries were reported to the company, Kichler surely got more than 60 reports stating that the blades have detached themselves from the fan, iron arms breaking, and even property damage. 

All of the reported fans were sold by Lowe’s and Lowe’s online store, dating from January 2016 to March 2020. The cost of the ceiling fan on an average is $250.

According to Consumer Reports, they have advised the existing users of the recalled fan, to stop using it immediately, and demand for a free replacement from the Kichler Lighting Company. Although the company has accepted its manufacturing defect and recalled the fans, it has not commented upon whether they will be replacing the fans for free, or are going to build a better and more stable ceiling fan to replace the model in question.

A similar event occurred when the Stihl Company had to recall almost 16,400 models of its pressure washers because the nozzle kept detaching itself from the unit, causing a threat to the individual using it. Another Company called the Echo recalled its shoulder straps and backpack leaf blower because the machine kept sucking the straps into the blower fan and expelling them in pieces. Although it did not pose a major threat to life, the company still helped responsible for selling a faulty unit.

Companies such as Kichler Lighting, need to go through standard procedures and tests that need to be made mandatory before releasing any of their product into the market. Ceiling fans, especially, as the blades are sharp and can easily hurt or cause major injuries to the people present in the room. The Kichler Company has received only one property damage report. And whether or not the company will be providing a refund, free replacement, or even provide the expense to cover the property damage of their customer is still unknown. Further information about the situation is still awaited.

Consumers can even choose to file a lawsuit in the name of such Companies that do not follow the mandatory checks and tests before releasing their product into the market.

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