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Kodak SCANZA Vs Kodak Slide N Scan Digital Scanner – Complete Review

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Scanners have become a necessity in today’s era. Whether you use it for school/ college purposes or you use it for your office purposes, these devices fit into our lives perfectly. People can easily scan any document and save a soft copy or print a hard copy as well. Digitizing a document and using it whenever a person wants is a piece of cake with an apt scanner. In addition to these common features, there are some famous scanners that also have a film printing feature. Meaning, users can now save their films in high-quality resolution. 2 such famous scanners are Kodak Slide N Scan and Kodak Scanza. Now, in this Kodak Slide N Scan Vs Scanza Scanner guide, let us compare those 2 two devices.

Kodak Slide N Scan and Kodak Scanza are both the same products from Kodak and have a lot of similar features. But there are certain things which are unique and different in both of them. After going through all details as mentioned here will surely help a person to decide which among these 2 suits them better.

Kodak Slide N Scan Vs Scanza – Which Converter Is Best?

KODAK Slide N SCAN Film and Slide Scanner imageKODAK SCANZA Digital Film Slide Scanner Image
Dimensions5.27 x 5.35 x 3.74 inches4.72 x 4.72 x 5 inches
Weight530 Grams460 Grams
Connectivity TechnologyHDMIPowerline
Megapixels14/22 Megapixels14/22 Megapixels
Media TypeFilm negatives, slides, color and B/WSlides and film negatives
Scanner TypeFilmFilm
SD Cards IncludedNoNo
External Memory Support32 GB128 GB
Screen Size5 inches3.5 inches
External Devices CompatibilityNoYes (TV, PC and MAC)
Automatic Shut-offNoYes (10-second auto off)
Check PriceCheck Price

Differences Between Kodak Scanza and Kodak Slide N Scan


Kodak Slide N Scan is the most convenient equipment thanks to its lightweight and convenient design. Because of its compact and lightweight construction, it is very handy to use. One can efficiently carry it anywhere. Sleek appearance grabs many eyes, thus adding to the beauty.

Coming to the Kodak Scanza, it appears a bit taller and lighter. Therefore, these characteristics bring more ease to customers in handling it. Although its body is simpler than the former one, users can rest assured that in case of quality, there are no compromises. Kodak Scanza’s quality is as good as any scanner but with a more convenient size.

Display Screen

Display screen plays a major role when it comes to choosing a scanner. This is because a bigger screen always constitutes a clearer image for our visuals. Larger screen helps to visualize pictures in a better way. Both Slide N Scan and Scanza have high-quality built-in color displays, which makes pictures clearer. Kodak Slide N Scan comes with a 5-inch LCD with a touchscreen feature. Buyers can control it using the display. The integrated screen has a gallery mode which means anyone can see all their scanned pictures at a place and swipe to see all of them.

On the contrary, Kodak Scanza has a 3.5-inch LCD. When compared to Slide N Scan, this one’s screen is definitely smaller. However, in contrast to that model, this product has a tilting display. Now, the tilting display feature allows individuals to adjust the screen as per their needs. One interesting thing to note here is that people can view images on their TVs or computer screens by connecting this device to external devices.

Scan Quality

Another most important thing to consider while buying the best scanner is its scan quality. If you’re buying a scanner, the first thing you will notice is its inbuilt scan quality. Inefficient or a compromised scan quality is not worth the price. There is no difference in both the products based oN Scanning quality. Both Kodak Slide N Scan and scanza have 14/ 22 Megapixels digital film scanners.

Slide N Scan and Scanza efficiently convert 35mm, 126, 110, film negatives. Besides, they add color to B/W photos smoothly. Adjustment of RGB levels and brightness is another key feature of these pieces of equipment.

Ease Of Use

Before anything, installation is necessary as both Slide n and Scanza arrive uninstalled. And fortunately, assembling both is child’s play. Customers will get a user manual for both and following all instructions carefully, a person is good to go. In Kodak Slide N Scan and Scanza, all you have to do is connect the main Scanner to a power cable with its hose, and Voila! Once installed, overall usage is also very easy. Slide N Scan, as mentioned earlier, has a touchscreen operation. This smart factor lets users control it with their mere finger touch.

While using Scanza, simply power it on, then select your film type. After that, load the holder with a film and reinsert it. Then, press the capture button. Your photo will get scanned within a few seconds. After all, the continuous easy factor makes this one more desirable.

Additional Features

There are certain features that are unique for both of these devices. Kodak Slide N Scan comes with a cleaning brush that makes maintaining and cleaning it a breeze. Also, inbuilt quick-feeding tray technology allows for continuous loading and fast scanning. An included 50 mm slide holder, adapters for 135, 110, and 126 films are cherries on top. Compatible with a USB cable and HDMI cable and thus, becoming more convenient for use. It supports SD and SDHC cards for storage. One thing that attracts anyone is the ability to set a date and time. From 1930-2050, users can set the date and time for their memories.

Whereas, Kodak Scanza works with 35 mm, 126, 110, super 8, and 8mm films. An integrated big one-touch button allows a single-step operation for scanning and saving, too, scan. Tags along with R trays and 2 adapters. Speaking about compatibility, this machine works well with MAC and PC. Accessories are a USB power cable, HDMI cable, AC adapter, video cable, and a cleaning brush. 3-second continuous button press switches its operation on. Likewise, if there is no further activity, the automatic 10 second off feature lets the device go off after 10 seconds.


Storage capacity plays a major role in saving and viewing images. Slide N Scan, unfortunately, has no included SD cards. Customers have to buy separate storage cards. It easily supports 32 GB SD or SDHC cards. In addition, it can connect with any Type-C USB-enabled cable.

Scanza, too, has no included SD card. However, it supports external storage cards upto 128 GB. Thus, its huge storage will help individuals greatly in cherishing their precious memories.


We know that you will definitely look for a warranty before buying such a product for yourself. But the only minus of Kodak Slide N Scan and Kodak Scanza is that they don’t come with a warranty period. However, they are designed in a way that you won’t face any problems while using those products. Their ease of use settles it all.


What all mentioned here must have aided you in deciding which one suits you the best. Although both are from the same brand and have the same set of common features, there prevailed some differences between them. And those differences are the things that make them stand different from each other. Not all people want, need, or lookout for similar characteristics. If one product is missing a factor, then it has some other interesting feature in it that makes it interesting from its analog. Overall, it depends on a user’s necessities. So weigh down all your needs and the product’s features to decide wisely.

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