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Kroger launches Plant-based Fresh Meat brand: Emerge

Kroger launches Emerge plant-based fresh meat

Kroger has expanded its Simple Truth brand to form Simple Truth Emerge, which will be the manufacturer and supplier of the Kroger’s Vegan meat. This imitation meat available in store meat cases, range from fresh burger patties to grinds and are available at better prices. After a series of companies pioneered in the imitation meat field, more and more grocery companies are coming forward and taking the idea forward.

Kroger’s Simple Truth has been a plant products’ brand delivering its consumers: pasta sauces, sour cream, cookie dough etc. In addition to that, the company is eager to plan around 50 more products this year. Earlier Kroger’s products could be bought from their stores exclusively. The vegan meat is titled Emerge. It will be giving similar taste, texture and sizzle if it is cooked like the traditional beef.

Kroger is letting its customers sample the products at its stores. Also, the grocery company is investing in promotions of its new line of products lately. As part of the promotions, the app and website would provide customers with coupons worth 75 cents off the Simple Truth Emerge patties and $ 1.50 off the Simple Truth Emerge grinds. Now that their products have been made available at few Walgreens stores and at Lucky’s Market locations, the margins are in for a rise.

The general trends over the globe have seen a considerable shift towards the vegans. A lot many people have willingly turned into vegans, and an amazing number of people are expected to join the waggon anytime soon. There has been a radical shift in the way the dietary rituals are in for a gradual but constant change. Needless to say, the grocery stores and eatery companies had to visualize the changing scene and provide for the eaters.

Consumers primarily, those in Western societies have been showing a growing preference towards meat substitutes, so that they can minimize the intake of meat. And this shift also means that they are willing to reduce or give up meat but might still want to derive the nutrients and taste that the original meat provides. Meat houses a good chunk of animal protein, and several vitamins and minerals too. As such, the vegan meat fits the picture perfectly.

Krogers’ range of products is packed of 20 grams of pea-based protein per serving. Kroger has taken care to provide nutritional goodness without compromising its consumers’ general health and well-being. The vegan meat shall be free of GMOs, dairy, gluten and soy.

Recently companies like Beyond Meat BYND and Impossible Foods produced and rolled out a nice range of plant-based burgers and meat sausages. Nestlé, Kellogg, Smithfield and Tyson have all launched their plant-based meats in recent development. It can be argued that the demand for imitation meat is increasing day by day. Rolling out in over 600 of its stores, comes Tofurkey with its soy burgers that it launched the previous Wednesday.

In many stores like King Soopers in Denver and Kroger stores which are situated in Indiana and Illinois, Krogers already had rolled out its range of vegan meat, sausages, deli slices and burgers and others like roasts, jackfruit, seitan etc. in a testing phase. This was a 16 weeks’ testing period. It would be an interesting watch to see whether vegan meat sustains itself in a race that has been dominated largely by non-veg candidates as in beef burgers and steaks etc.

It is not that the cultures all around us and also in history had shunned the vegan logic. In fact, it claims a strong foothold in many cultures and countries; take, for instance, the big Indian sub-continent. Historically, these cultures have allowed the co-existence of vegans and non-vegans in a peaceful environ. In specific, India has a big chunk of outside attention garnered over its rich and diverse culture that lets the vegan way of life flourish.

This stems from an archaic belief system that regards animals with reverence. According to this school of thought, every living being has a precious life. The ideology finds its thrust in the larger than life supremacy of the human race as a whole, which sees itself as the protectors of all living beings. The system stems from a deep-rooted feeling of self-worth and duty.

A significant proportion of this paradigm shift in the way people looked at the vegetarian way of living, duly owes its credit to the rising concerns of animal-friendly approach all over the world. Plethora of NGOs, governments and the common people are undergoing a dramatic shift in their stance towards animals that are “innocent” and “mute”. It so maybe that the increasingly vegan way of life is the new normal.

In keeping with the same, trends actually do say a lot. Take the case of the domestic and global markets for plant-based protein ditching the animal protein, and meat alternatives could grow up to a whopping 28% per year, a study report from UBS has claimed. Similar trends are very surprising when it comes to the revenue in the market that is expected to touch $ 85 billion somewhere in 2030.

You can contact Kroger customer care for any other clarifications​ on its products or services.

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