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Lady in Peoria Gifts a Sewing-Machine to a 10-year old Girl making Hair-Ties to Support Health Workers

Lady in Peoria gifts a sewing-machine to a 10-year old girl making hair-ties to support health workers

Well, we can say for sure that a lot of goodwill still exists in this world. And that is quite evident from this piece of news coming in. Reportedly, a lady residing in an old-age facility in Peoria gifted a sewing machine to a 10-year old girl from Mesa after she learned that the latter was creating hair ties and selling them to support health care workers. 

The girl, Reagan Kooiman, a student of 6th grade, used the money earned by selling these hair ties to purchase and provide about seven meals to nurses and doctors, who were employed at East Valley hospitals. Reagan stated, “It was getting very crazy, but we still got a lot of food for the nurses.”

The lady, the 73-year-old Cheyenne Miller, was quite touched by Reagan’s gesture of offering others help. Through a broadcast that she viewed on a particular night, she learned about a 10-year-old girl making and selling hair ties to raise money for health workers. She stated, “I was so impressed that she wanted to take the initiative to do something for someone else, and she did.” It was then that she thought she had to do something to lift this upcoming seamstress’s spirits. 

Miller further went on to say, “Years ago, I had a fabric store in a small community in California, and over the years I just acquired things. I had this machine, and I don’t know what I was planning on doing with it to start with, but it was brand new, and the box had never been opened, and when I saw that, her name was on it!”

Over the last two months, both Miller and Reagan have been speaking and deciding how and when the two meet up. And there could be nothing better than Labor Day, as Reagan’s school was closed for the day. Both of them met up near Garden Ridges, close to where Miller resides in Peoria. 

Miller was heard saying, “Oh gosh, she’s so cute, so personable, and she’s so honest. I didn’t have to have her take her mask off; I could tell there was a smile. She smiles with her eyes!”

While gifting the sewing machine to Reagan, Miller told her, “You’ll be able to understand it real easy because you look like you’re a smart cookie.” On receiving the sewing machine, a delighted Reagan said, “I want to make masks for either nurses or kids or socks for my uncle.”

Additionally, along with the brand new sewing machine, Reagan also received loads of fabric and practice sheets from Miller that can help her in learning and practicing on how to use the machine right. 

A delighted and content Miller finally said, “If she can make other people smile and feel good, she’s accomplishing something. If this will enlighten other people to want to do something for other people out there, that’s one thing I can ask. I came out of the woodwork; somebody else can too.”

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