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Launch of New Earbuds from Razer with Noise Cancellation and THX Features

Launch of New Earbuds from Razer with Noise Cancellation and THX Features

Razer has been bringing in many pieces of equipment that can be used for game-related purposes. These include headsets, earbuds, headphones, and many more. In May, Razer launched its Opus headphones with the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature and THX audio. And now, Razer is bringing its latest set of earbuds called the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro, which has the noise cancellation feature and also THX audio feature. This set of earbuds would cost $200.

One can consider the latest pair of earbuds to be a sequel to the Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds that arrived onboard during October 2019. These earbuds resembled Airpods. The latest pair of earbuds, as mentioned above, would be quite effective in eliminating noise, apart from being equipped with the THX audio. Additionally, these earbuds would also be coming with an extensive set of ear tips and a very low latency rate apt during gaming.

An important aspect of these earbuds is the THX audio that comes with them. As the audio feature comes with THX certification, one can expect the sound’s quality to be top-class. A lot of focus has been provided to the different frequency ranges and their responses. Furthermore, the specific vocal sounds and the deep bass audio remain consistent even when the volume range is high.

For best noise segregation, Razer has derived lovely designs such that these earbuds fit quite comfortably within the ears. Moreover, there is an exhaustive range of ear tips for these earbuds, which one can choose depending on the shape of their ears, comfort level, and likes as the shape of the ears would be different for different people. Additionally, Razer is also giving out a set of Comply foam Earphone Tips, which provide a lot of comfort to the user when fit within their ears. These ear tips provide a soft and cushiony feeling to the users when in the ears.

Because Razer is primarily involved in manufacturing gaming hardware and equipment, it is not surprising that a very low level of latency is present within these earbuds, which was quite prominent within the initial set of Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds. The latency feature can be controlled by means of a button here. When the user presses this button, the latency rate drops down to 60ms during an ongoing gaming session. 

Owing to this low-latency feature imbibed within these earphones, one can expect an almost 50 times faster reaction than the original speed. There is a drastic improvement in the sound and video coordination.

People can enjoy listening to their audio playlists and videos by using the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro earbuds. Coming again to the noise cancellation feature, these earbuds provide an enhanced mode of noise elimination feature. These earbuds are also equipped with microphones both internally as well as externally so that they can detect any unnecessary sounds. Once these sounds are figured out, the “inverse sound generation” process is carried out.

Apart from all of these, controls have been provided to enable a “Quick Attention mode,” playing any music, receiving phone calls, and accessing a virtual assistant. The Razer Streamer companion app is the place where all of these features can be configured. The EQ can also be customized within this app. Moreover, a fit test has been set within the app, which helps a user determine whether he has made the right choice of earbuds. All these earbuds come with an IPX4 rating so that they do not absorb any sweat.

The feature that is not exceptionally great within these earbuds is the lasting battery capacity, just four hours.

These earbuds are available on the Razer website for $200. There is a case also available for this one. However, purchasing the case is completely optional and left to the likes of the user. This case costs $30.

Image source: Engadget

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