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Leading company Gmail, soon to support Multiple Signatures

Leading company Gmail, soon to support Multiple Signatures

If you are a vivid user of Gmail, you will understand the pain of using the same Gmail signature for every mail. But not anymore. Gmail has come up with a new update that will allow you to add multiple signatures to your accounts and use them accordingly.

It can be difficult for users to use the same signature over and over again for every mail they reply to. Whether it be formal or casual, or even a friendly invitation mail to a colleague. Using the same signature can mess up your mail. And this has been taken into complete consideration by the team of Gmail, as they stated that various feed backs from their existing users and analysts had been made in to introduce this latest update.

To create multiple signatures, all you have to do is go to Settings from your Gmail account and select on ‘General Settings.’ There you will find the button for multiple signatures, click on compose and add your text, and manage your signature from that window. 

Currently, this feature is only available on Rapid Release Domains and has been made available for both personal as well all the G Suite accounts. In case you are not on any Rapid Release Domain, you may have to wait for their official release on March 24th 2020. This update was long overdue and will enhance the user interface as well as convenience for the current and future Gmail users to tweak and change their signature as and when required.

Other than this, Gmail has made several changes to its mobile application and Web application for the comfort of its customers. What started as a basic mailing platform, has now become the biggest reservoir for communication that is both official and non-official. Almost every company chooses to use Gmail as their main channel of communication, as it supports various features such as group email, send to many, send to some, and a lot more.

Their users embraced the updates of Gmail, such as snooze emails for later, as they have been demanded a feature that makes it convenient for an email to be postponed to a future date or later. Another feature called the Smart Reply has made it a lot easier for people that are always in a hurry, as Gmail incorporated their smart AI for quick suggestions while you are typing. The mail will indicate auto-complete sentences, and all you have to do is swipe the screen right or click on the tab for the sentence to be added.

This Smart Reply feature has helped users with the inability to type formal mails or do not have English as their first language.

Gmail does not want to restrict itself to building only the performance level of the app. The company also focuses equally on its User Interface and have made a lot of changes to their display. In the Play Store Review of Gmail, many users provided feedback on compacting their inbox as, according to them, it wasn’t very easy for them to manage mails, and they often missed out on important emails from companies.

In light of that fact, Gmail releases the option to expand and shrink your inbox, where you can adjust how compact and spacious you want your mail inbox to be like. This setting can be accessed from Settings > Display Density. Another option to show or hide the menu made it a lot easier for users that wish to display their inbox on full view. For people who are artsy and are in love with colors, can also change the background theme for their Gmail account and inbox. But this feature is strictly available for desktop users only.

Gmail is a product of Google, and Google is known for never failing their customers when it comes to addressing their feedback, solve bugs, or to add a new feature for the comfort of their customers. Their latest and new update includes the multiple signature feature, which will come along with some more features that mostly incorporate existing bug fixes. Whether the company is going to add some more Machine Learning techniques or Artificial Intelligence to their existing app, to enhance the overall performance is unknown.

Gmail has also provided support for business accounts to be created at G Suite that will cost some minimal amount to be paid. The features included will be ad-free and 24/7 email, chat, and phone support.

Image source: Engadget

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