DJI’s cinematographic FPV drone release might be soon; latest leaks seems to be real

Snaps of DJI’s cinematic FPV drone leak online

It seems like another one of DJI’s drones would be arriving pretty soon. DJI has not revealed anything regarding this; however, a few leaked images of the drone in the question have been doing the rounds on the internet. These images were leaked on both Twitter and Weibo. And if this turns out to be a reality, then the drone would be referred to as a DJI FPV drone. This one seems to be equipped with props consisting of three blades. Then, there is a hump-like structure sporting a frosty canopy. Now, this canopy could be housing the GPS of the drone and various important parts.

And finally, something exists on the drone’s frontal section, which might have been placed to absorb all the heat. This would ensure that the camera does not get heated up and remains cool during a flying operation. Most likely, the battery would be fitted somewhere on the backside of the drone. And finally, the low-latency FPV goggles of DJI can also be seen within a box in the image. Adding to these items is a slim-sized controller. Both of these items were witnessed by not too long ago.

This drone is quite different and stands out when compared to the rest of the DJI drones. Barring FPV drones, most of the other drones are used during aerial photography. On the other hand, it is nowhere closer to FPV racing drones. DJI could have designed this latest FPV drone prototype to capture breathtaking views from above.

To support this claim, there is a tweet coming from a Twitter user who published many DJI leaks so far. According to this user named @OsitaLV, the DJI FPV drone has a video recording speed of about 4K 60 fps. And this includes the stabilization factor as well. This kind of specification and a recording rate of this sort is more apt for cinematography. Apart from the cinematographic mode, this drone can fly in two other modes. One is a normal mode, and in the other mode, the drone can touch a speed of about 93 mph.

However, even at this speed, you can’t use it for competitive purposes. A racing FPV drone should be packed with at least a speed of 120 mph or even more. Moreover, the competitive FPV drones consist of a camera having a very low latency rate as well as lesser amounts of resolution.

However, an important noteworthy part to be noted here is, you could use a DJI FPV drone for fun FPV racing and flying events. It would definitely be something to watch.

FPV drones that are fit for capturing breathtaking scenes are usually made by bringing together many parts. For instance, they use GoPro and many other brands of cameras, whose technology is developed using ReelSteady software. This ensures that there is a lot of stability when clicking photos and capturing videos. These are also used within competitive drones.

If these leaks are true to their image, then it denotes that DJI plans on bringing a drone that is quite user-friendly, like it brought about drones that specialized in capturing high-end photographs. The tweet from Osita further mentions that, if at all this turns out to be true, he is not sure of when DJI plans to release the same.

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