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Lego Super Mario to be Launched on August 1

Lego Super Mario to be launched on August 1

The first of its kind Lego Super Mario will get a much awaited launch on August 1. After Nintendo and Lego had announced a collaboration to produce what is being seen as the first of its kind Lego Super Mario, this has come up as a pleasant surprise. It will be teamed up with three sets or kits that include Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set, Adventures with Mario Starter Course and Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set.

‘Adventures with Mario Starter Course’ is that assembly which should serve as the foundation for the complete product line. Notably, diving into the world of Mario is going to get very interesting from the beginning itself. There will be a chunky Mario figure very different from the earlier Mario mini figurines. This time it will be bigger and more prominent since there are LCD screens packed into Mario’s eyes. The figure has got a belly as well as mouth toeing ample amounts of hairy bush.

The figure is made almost entirely out of plastic and is also fitted with a built-in speaker that produces really catchy music and sound effects just the way it was there in the video games. The starter pack consists of 231 pieces that is also coming with a green pipe which would assume the role of the beginning of the course. This Mario has also been provided with a Bluetooth button behind him.

The Starter Course can be also pre-ordered now. One can easily place the order for $ 59.99 or € 59.99. The price range has been similar to most games of Nintendo. This $ 59.99 price will be for the starter kits which would be the foundation for the line after the whole product line has been launched and unveiled.

 The Piranha Plant and Bowser packs are not available to get a pre-order right now. Just as they will be available to be reserved, the ‘Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set’ kit will cost $ 29.99 or € 29.99. At the same time, Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set, notably the last leg of the three sets, is all set to cost you around $ 99.99 which also amounts to € 99.99.

In the 3 sets, a number of pieces have been provided which let Mario pick up digital coins. Such coins consist of a Goomba, yellow Question Block and Bowser Jr which are going to be a part of the set. A set of 7 bricks have been made part of the set which will allow the Mario figure to have interaction with others. These seven bricks are called the action bricks true to their work.

The brand has announced the possibility of a Lego Super Mario app which would manage the players’ scores. The Super Mario app will also offer digital instruction manuals for the players and novices. There would additionally be a forum for advice and suggestions so that players can suggest other ways to build the setup and entertain themselves.

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