Lent 2020 arrived; Fish sandwiches and other specialties getting ready in McDonald’s, Popeyes, Chick-fil-A and Arby’s

With Lent's arrival top restaurants across US spiced up menus with fish sandwiches

Well, the religious period of fasting has begun for Catholics. As the Lenten season has arrived starting on Ash Wednesday (February 26), Christians worldwide are gearing up for this holy period which is set to last for the next 40 days, until Holy Thursday (which falls on April 9). This falls three days before Easter Sunday (April 12).

This entire holy phase lasts for 40 days. According to The Bible, Jesus spent about the same time in the desert fasting and praying religiously. As a mark of respect and reflection for the same, Catholics consider these 40 days to be extremely pious, and they refrain from eating meat during this time, especially on Fridays.

In order to help out people during their fasting period, many restaurants all over the US have introduced varieties of fish sandwiches and many other special dishes, all starting from Ash Wednesday. These specialties are expected to last a few days even after the holiday ends. Let us check out the exotic fish-based dishes which different restaurants have to offer.

1. Arby’s

Arby’s has introduced a fish sandwich this year, offering tough competition to the world-famous food company McDonald’s. The competition between the two fast-food firms looks quite intense on social media too.

During the Lenten season, Arby food outlets across the country are providing two fish sandwiches for just $6. The offer goes like this-get both a Crispy Fish Sandwich as well as a Fish ‘N Cheddar sandwich as a part of this two-sandwich deal. The restaurant is also providing another special delicacy-King’s Hawaiian Fish Deluxe. 

2. Chick-Fil-A

Although not all, a few selective outlets of Chick-Fil-A across the country are expected to have fish sandwiches. 

People all over the US might be well acquainted with this fact that Chick-Fil-A is extremely famous for its chicken delicacies. However, they are going a mile ahead and offering fish during lent this year.

Chick-Fil-A has come up with breaded Pacific cod filets along with bun that is well toast with butter. Customers can try this along with dill pickle chips. A deluxe version of the sandwich is also available with tomato lettuce and American cheese.

Until April 11, the applicable outlets would also be offering boxed two or three-count fish entrees and meals.

3. Long John Silver’s

This is a restaurant that is pretty famous for its seafood. Long John Silver’s is offering two items for $6. These items are a combination of mix-and-match items that include five-piece shrimp, two crab cakes, two-piece wild-caught fried Alaska Pollock, and three-piece chicken tenders.

The restaurant also has some special Monday discounts for customers having competitors’ coupons. These offers would be valid during the entire Lent season. As a part of the discount, customers would be getting Alaska Pollock Sandwich fish and fries for $1.99. 

4. McDonald’s

McDonald’s classic delicacy Filet-O-Fish would be available throughout the Lent season. The burger is composed of a fish filet patty, tartar sauce, and American cheese all stuffed into buns. In fact, McDonald’s attained a lot of popularity for its fish sandwiches during the Lent season.

5. Popeye’s

Again, Popeye’s is also famous for its chicken dishes. This time, it has boxed offers of buttermilk biscuit fried shrimp, a biscuit and side.

Normally, the restaurant offers its limited-time combo meals for $5. However, this special seafood dish is being offered for $6. 

Thus, with so many restaurants offering so many delicacies on their menu, people across the country are surely going to enjoy this Lent season. 

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