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Levin to open up its very first Furniture & Mattress store in Niles, Ohio and many more are on the way

Levin Furniture and Mattress Store to open in Ohio

Levin Furniture Co. is all set to open up its very first physical store in Niles, Ohio on July 23. Up until very recently, all the Levin stores were closed down due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Most of the inventory was left stocked up with almost no sales happening for about a couple of months. Thus the company has opened up the store and has listed about 3 million dollar worth of Furniture in this store. The company announced this opening on Wednesday for its new Furniture and mattress store.

In March, the company filed for bankruptcy when it was still under its previous owner Art Van LLC of Michigan. As a result of this filling, a lot of employees lost their jobs and been sitting at home during the quarantine. However, this was not very unusual as millions of people did lose their jobs with a sudden worldwide lockdown. However, something noticeable is the rehiring of 450 employees who have formerly worked with the company. The firm has suggested that it might rehire more people and the number of hired former employees is going to go up.

Levin furniture co. has been opening up multiple stores and the one in Holland Road in the former Gander Mountain store in Eastwood mall is going to be its 19th outlet. This store will be considerably large, given its 65,000 square feet of the furniture display area. Since July 3 nine Furniture and nine Mattress Levin stores have opened up. Nine of these stores are in Ohio, and Cleveland Valley markets and ten of these stores will be in the Pittsburgh region.

Levin furniture co. is currently owned by Robert Levin who purchased the firm from Art Van when they filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. Back in November 2017, Robert Levin had sold this family business to a Boston based private equity firm. When he heard the news of the company doing bad in March, and there were chances of it getting sold he bought it from Art van. But his plans were sabotaged by the COVID 19 pandemic that forced all kinds of stores all over the world to be shut down. Levin has however had to join hands with two brothers, Matt and John Schultz, who are now the co-owners of the firm. This partnership assisted him in getting 32 Levin and Wolf furniture and mattress stores for 25.7 million dollars in the bankruptcy court.

Levin initially planned on opening as many previously existing stores as he could, but most of the stores were inaccessible due to problems with leasing in those locations. A spokesperson for the company, Bob Butter said that the firm is looking to open up more stores in various locations. The Levin stores have decided to reimburse or rather take care of all the previous unsettled business that most customers made with the previous owners. The company has put away a 10 million dollar budget to just put into this customer care system, where it will be fulfilling past orders of over 1000 customers.

All the customers who made furniture selections or deposits or even refund deposits with Art Van have been identified using their information stored with the company. These customers will receive a follow-up email on their processes and will be looked after accordingly.

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