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Levi’s and TikTok to Partner up on Social Commerce and Double the Views

Levi’s and TikTok to partner up on Social Commerce and double the views

Levi’s has become one of the first major clothing brands to partner up with the online streaming giant TikTok and connect its shoppers to the denim brand. This move has been made in the times of the coronavirus pandemic, and it was a must for the company because most of the retailers have been forced to keep their showrooms closed until the pandemic is under control. Levi’s stores were also amongst the major retailers that have been hit hard because of the decision.

But now Levi’s Company has announced that they are the first retailer brand to display their products and items in Tiktok’s ‘Shop Now’ option. A user can visit TikTok and go click that button which will redirect them through a link from where they can shop for clothes from their favourite brands. This project is still under implementation and undergoing development. But even in its initial phase, Levi’s has reported that the company has seen good traffic on their website and the response received by them from their customers has been generally positive.

To boost their advertisement and gather more traffic, the Levi’s Company has also reportedly partnered up with some of the top influencers on TikTok such as Cosette Rinab, Callen Schaub, Everett Williams and Gabby Morrison. All of these four influencers were seen using the Future Finish 3-D denim customization technology from Levi’s. It is a laser-powered machine, and the influencers used it to create their customized denim. The collaboration between TikTok and Levi’s happened moth’s back, but these videos were released only recently, that is last week.

These videos posted by the influencers were displayed to the users as ‘Ads’, and on clicking the link provided in the video, the user can buy the same design from the official site of Levi’s. This advertising technique did work wonders for the company, as Levi’s company reported that they have started receiving several shelter-in-place orders and have already started working on them. The watch time for these videos was almost twice more than an average TikTok video.

Also, the company reported that the views received by their products in the ‘Future Finish’ pages have almost doubled during this experience. But these numbers are not very specific and accurate as there are other retailers as well on the TikTok shop now option, who have not released the data or information on how many views they have received. Also, this new feature of TikTok is still very new, and it is difficult for us to draw conclusions so early. Only a few advertisers have used this feature to date.

TikTok is not the first online social media that Levi’s has partnered up with. The company was also seen collaborating with Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. But the company specifically drew their focus to TikTok because of the large number of users the social media app had on it. TikTok almost had 680 million monthly active users in November 2018, which has drastically increased to 800 million in the current time. The company also noted that almost 60% of the total number of active users on TikTok were teenagers between 16 to 24 years who are also the main customer base for Levi’s.

The TikTok Company has been struggling for almost a year to introduce the e-commerce element on to its platform through various collaborations and changes made to their app. It was last year in November that TikTok started allowing some of its users to provide e-commerce links on their profile from where they will be redirected to the e-commerce website link and shop form there. These links can be provided in their posts or even in the bios of the user. 

Several beta participants started linking their profiles and videos with e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. But Levi’s chose a different approach where they advertised their products via videos posted as in-feeds ads.

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