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LG ‘s 2019 OLED TVs yields Nvidia G-Sync Technology starting this week

LG OLED TV G Sync Image

LG announced that the batch of 2019 OLED TVs would be updated with NVIDIA G- Sync. The compatible TVs will receive a firmware update commencing this week. When it comes to TV, people get tempted almost every day. The mesmerizing ads by different brands lure people on their web. However, consumers are provided with a wide range of options to choose; often, they are under pressure to choose wisely.

On the other hand, brands undergo more pressure to bring out something new to the market to establish themselves. LG teams up with NVIDIA’s G Sync technology to provide a great gaming experience for the consumers. Momentarily, the update will be out for the TVs in North America.

Yesterday LG Electronics US came with details of this new upgrade in their OLED TVs. According to their announcement, the G Sync is available for series of their products from this year, namely E9 their 55 & 65 inches, C9 their 55, 65 and 77 inches and B9 their 55 and 65 inches.

LG assures that with the G Sync on their TVs, consumers can expect a glitch-free gaming experience. When gamers play games on TV, it resulted in the screen tears. It was a long-time fantasy for gamers to play games on the big screen. Now, with this upswing, it will be a thrilling experience for gamers.

It seems like, in order to experience this, consumers should have an Nvidia GPU which supports their RTX 20 or GTX 16 series cards. With the G sync update on their LG TV when connected to a PC with proper requirements, no one can stop the gamers.

G Sync is a closed source software, which uses adaptive sync technology. It is developed by Nvidia to eradicate screen tears. G Sync adapts frame rate, and thus the video will be displayed according to the device in which it is used. G Sync basically allows the video display to be portrayed with the able standard of that device.

During the announcement, Sam Kim, senior Vice President under Home Entertainment stated that “It’s no secret LG OLED TVs are coveted by gamers world over and we are committed to optimizing the OLED gaming experience for them,”


Furthermore, Nvidia’shead of GeForce, Matt Wuebbling, expressed they are excited to bring G-SYNC Compatible support to LLG’s2019 OLED TVs and HDMI Variable Refresh Rate support to our GeForce RTX 20-Series GGPU’s”

LLG’sOLED TV also endorses HDR formats to heighten the gaming experience. Another element which includes Dolby HD sound technology provides a great virtual experience for the gamers. The TV also devotes itself to ultra-fast response time with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

LG OLED TVs are known for Intense display of colours in the dark with a great pixel technology, it’s Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos provides a cinematic experience for the viewers. The LG TVs use a universal remote.

Features of LG TV encompasses Diagonal Class 65 inches and Diagonal Size 64.5 inches. Sizes may vary according to the models. They provide high Resolution 3840 x 2160 and its display Format is 4K UHD 2160p, and Display Type falls under OLED TVs.

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