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LG adds Accessory Store to make Life Easier for Appliance Owners

LG adds accessory store to make life easier for appliance owners

Owning appliances has been made easier by LG with their new accessory store on the app that they have, under the name LG ThinQ. New benefits will be available for all the appliances owners through this launch.

With the new features in the app, purchases can now be made seamlessly, and any after-sales services can be easily approached by LG Proactive Customer care, which has also gone through expansion under the new launch. 

The new LG Proactive customer care will be the first AI-powered preventive maintenance service in the entire appliance industry, ensuring smooth purchase and a better experience for appliance owners. 

LG’s appliances have also recently improved in terms of the maintenance alerts they provide for issues. Keeping up with this maintenance will be much easier with the new customer care service, making the process more streamlined. Even parts and accessories will be ordered easily with the help of this feature. 

Peggy Ang, head of marketing at LG Electronics USA, explains the addition of the new service by saying, “Right now, consumers are looking to simplify their lives and to feel a sense of security when it comes to maintaining their homes. This heightened need for peace of mind is why LG created Proactive Customer Care.”

Ang further explains that the service will enhance the confidence of the consumer in LG electronics. Using appliances in daily lives would also become easier this way because any alerts regarding replacements will be given in advance, and the ordering can be done with the ThinQ app easily. 

The newly launched accessory store on the ThinQ app entails many benefits for the LG user. The biggest benefit is that customers can purchase anything from ovens to oven racks to even replacement parts for their appliances at one single platform. The centralized shopping experience with the additional trust element that the product is coming from the manufacturer itself is the real advantage for both the company and the consumer. 

Users would have to connect their appliances to the app in their phones to benefit from the very streamlined platform. Automatic notifications will be sent at regular intervals through the app, so the appliance owner doesn’t have to worry about missing any maintenance dates. 

Great offers also form part of the new launch for a limited period. The subscription will be available to save up money on replacement air and water filters. 25% discount will be available on them during the first month’s purchase by the user, and the following month it will be 20%. 

As for the LG Proactive Customer Care, which is the main highlight of the launch, it will be available for Wi-Fi-enabled smart home appliance models, which also includes 2019 and 2020 models of washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and ranges. 

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