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LG Electronics debuting it’s Washing Machine Plant in the U.S.

LG Washing Machine Plant in US Image

While there has been a lot of competition in other fields of technology in various parts of the world, L.G. is looking to solve the issue of unemployment in the world by taking some steps. LG has opened its first washing machine plant in Clarksville, Tennessee. The washing machine plant was inaugurated on 29th May, Wednesday and many important guests were seen in the event.

Even the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry had tweeted about the day of inauguration and several photos were also shared. Guests such as Gov. Bill Lee, Rep. Mark Green and Economic Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe and South Korean Consul Kim Young-jun were to be seen in the event.

As stated by the reports, several people were employed by the company to work in the washing machine plant. Through this step, several people have found their way of earning and daily wages. The plant covers an area of 1 million square foot and is clearly one of the most impressive plants in the state.

According to stats, the 360 USD million facility has hired around 500 employees as of now and is aiming to hire another 800 soon. It is even being said that the plant is going to offer full-time jobs to the employees which would not only improve the chances of having a job but would even help the company to provide better products so as to meet with the US consumer demands.

The LG washing machine plant is located 50 kilometers northwest of Nashville and the site was selected after national research in 2011. The site is suitable in every means as it is not located near the town areas, hence avoiding spreading pollution in the town areas. The plant is one of the most advanced production plants and has even been recognized as “number one in reliability” according to a leading US consumer magazine.

The first product of the home appliance plant is going to be laundry items like washing machines. The production plant has the ability to produce a fully assembled washer in just 10 seconds. Due to automation in the plant, the company can even change models in just 5 minutes making it one of the most advanced and automated plants in history. Apart from washing machines, the production plant can produce 4 more home appliance simultaneously.

As stated by Wilbur Ross, Secretary, US Department of Commerce, during the inauguration ceremony,

“The fact that one of the world’s most innovative and successful home appliance companies is establishing its largest US home appliance operation here in Tennessee is a testament to the strength of our country’s business climate, the promise of our long term prosperity and our exceptional US workforce. This is exactly the kind of job creation and investment that the administration is seeking for American workers, and I look forward to having LG’s high-quality home appliances made right here in the United States starting in early 2019.”

 We all are looking forward to the first products to be produced by the plant and hope that LG continues to remove unemployment by taking such steps.

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