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LG to Launch its New Velvet Smartphone by May 2020

LG to launch its new Velvet Smartphone by May 2020

LG is one of the most popular electronics companies that has already earned a reputation for itself in bringing up some of the best phones. But recently, the company has failed to leave a mark on its customers by their initial releases. Although, the company is hoping to change that as a series of videos and previews have been coming up in the company’s official website, social handles, and a lot more platforms. These are the previews of the new flagship phone by LG called the Velvet Smartphone.

Since the past few months, the company has only been teasing its customers with a glimpse of the phone in their previews. But the customers were unaware of the release date of the phone, except a few speculations being made here and there. The company has finally announced an official release date for the LG Velvet Smartphone, where LG Korea was seen posting a preview with the teaser of the new phone along with the date of the event that will mark the launch of the phone. 

The company is organizing an event that will be a fashion show to boast the innovative design of the phone. It’s going to be a global event that will be held on the 7th of May, 2020. The timing will be 10 AM for KST and 9 PM 6th of May for ET.

The LG Velvet Smartphone will come in four colors that have been advertised and endorsed to be some of the unique colors a smartphone design has ever come up with. The colors are supposed to be Aurora White, Aurora Green, Aurora Gray, and Illusion Sunset. Yes, the names themselves are unique and have already brought many customers to their edge. Out of the four, the Illusion Sunset is said to have the unique color and has already been liked by customers the most.

To date, the company has announced only these four colors, and whether they will come up with more is still unknown. The teaser of the Velvet Smartphone mainly focuses on the colors available and the Raindrop Rear Camera Setup. The invitation to the event is in the form of a preview, and it showcases all the unique designs that the new Smartphone by LG comes with. 

No matter how slow the economy has become because of the ongoing pandemic, the season for smartphones has surely not slowed down. Not only LG, but even the Apple Company has come up with various previews and design teaser for its new iPhone 12. Although the company has not released a lot of information about the phone, it will be safe to assume that the new iPhone 12 is going to be very different from its predecessor.

On trying to get in touch with the LG Company to know some more design specifications, performance, and optimization of the new Velvet Smartphone, no spokesperson of the company was immediately available to respond. Therefore, the customers will have to wait for some more days for the global launch of the new phone to take place to find some more information and details on the Smartphone. 

According to some of the most reliable mobile review sites, the LG Company has surely come up with something new and better than its previous smartphone designs. Hopefully, the customers will not be disappointed yet. But no matter what, the LG Company will surely have to move up its game if it wants to compete with the One Plus phone series, as currently the One Plus series are dominating the market when it comes to Android phones other than Samsung closely following its lead.

The One Plus company is known for not only improvising the design of their phone to make it look edgy and comfortable, but also the technology used along with the high-end performance of the core is a lot better than most smartphones in the market. The One Plus company, too, is gearing up for their new release in the market, but the date has not been announced yet.

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