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LG to Release Curved Edges and Raindrop Camera for its Coming up Phone

LG to release curved edges and raindrop camera for its coming up phone

Recently we came to know that the Mobile World Congress was cancelled. This was not a surprise, as almost every big event and conference were cancelled because of the ongoing pandemic and the practice of social distancing. However, every major mobile company has come up with various new introductions in your phone additions and LG has proved itself to be the first in moving towards bringing a new device in the market. 

The LG Company recently took to the market to introduce and tease its customers with the new design language of their upcoming mobile phone. LG is known for their amazing line of phones called the G and V. The new phone will apparently be a part of the G series, as the company has already updated its line for the V series. It was just a couple of months ago when the LG Company updated its mobile phone in the V series with the dual-screen ready V60 Thing. 

According to their release, we can assume that the new mobile device is going to be named as the G9 and it will have two of the latest features. The first design that it will incorporate will be the 3D arc design, which has already been done by Samsung in its Galaxy Series. The 3D arc design curves both edges, giving it a very fresh and sharp look. 

Not only the edges but the back of the design is also curved in a symmetrical manner that gives the phone an edge over its competitors. This design makes it appear more pleasing to the eyes of the user as well as comfort while using it.

Another feature that the company has added to the new G series mobile phone is the camera. This is something different, as most companies highlight their camera based on megapixels. LG, on the other hand, is showcasing its new mobile phone with the ‘raindrop camera’. The phone will have a camera popping out of the surface, which is very new. It will have two lenses along with a flash that will be attached to the surface. 

This design is going to be very unique as almost every new phone comes with a high definition camera that bulges and humps out from the phone which gives it a bulky feel. The new pop-out design of the camera will surely interest people and make them want the device. This is going to be interesting to see, whether customers will be going for the megapixels of different companies or the latest latest design by LG.

The company has reportedly decided to keep the new design features and updates as much minimal as they could. The company thinks these two design approaches will be enough to pull customers away from their competitors and also make amends for the faults in the G8X series of the LG mobile phone. The G8X on launch was supposed to be one of their best phones, but the mobile device failed to impress a lot of its customers and users. 

The Company has planned to release the phone on the 15th of May, 2020. It will be launched under a new brand name. This news is still not confirmed as it is just a rumour to date. Other specifications for the new LG phone will include a 5G device along with the Snapdragon 765 processor. Therefore, it will be safe to assume that the company is not only focusing on the design features but also on the product working and performance. No details have been released about the connectivity, battery capacity and power. 

But it won’t be long before the company releases that information to the public as well. What the company aimed for has already been fulfilled as the new design did create a lot of hype and excitement amongst the customers, and people are waiting eagerly for the device to launch soon in the market at a good and decent price.

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