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LG Vacuum Cleaner Launched with Ultra Stylish Design and Handy Features

LG’s CordZero ThinQ A9 Kompressor can automatically clean its dustbin

LG has notified everyone of its latest cordless vacuum cleaner. Referred by the name of LG CordZero ThinQ A9 Kompressor, this one will be making its way to the CES 2021 event, which would be held virtually this time. The best part of owning this appliance is that its owner would not have to take the pains of manually emptying its dustbin, since this function is carried out automatically.

What causes the dustbin of this vacuum cleaner to automatically empty itself? Well, the trick lies within the charging system of this appliance, which consists of a dust-removal technology that is completely automated. The mechanism works as follows – when the charging of the appliance is in progress, the dust present within the dustbin of the vacuum cleaner is forced within a dust container. However, this dust bag housed within the charging station of the appliance would have to be emptied manually.

Additionally, all the parts of the appliance can be secured safely within this charging station.

Parts of LG CordZero ThinQ A9 Kompressor

The LG CordZero ThinQ A9 Kompressor consists of many parts. There is a Power Carpet Nozzle that has the power to suck out dirt from dense surfaces like that of a carpet. It can also be used to clean the surfaces of hard floors. If at all any tough stains need to be scrubbed from hard floor surfaces, then this can be achieved by the Power Mop, which is again a separate part of this appliance. Cloth pads made of microfibers have been embedded within the Power Mop, which helps in achieving the desired level of cleanliness.

Now one may wonder, as to from where does this Power Mop gets water for cleaning. The answer to this is a water tank, which is housed within CordZero, which supplies sufficient water for cleaning.

Some of the other attachments of the vacuum cleaner include a 2-in-1 combination tool, a crevice tool and even a pet nozzle. All of these parts are equipped within the appliance.

An extra battery can also be accommodated within the charging stand. Owing to this facility, both the main battery of the appliance as well as the extra battery get charged in one instance. This also eliminates the fear of not being able to use the appliance if the main battery dies out. The backup battery becomes the savior here. Moreover, it is always handy to have a completely charged battery backup.

The charging stand is also equipped with a few controls that can be operated by touching them. These controls can be used to adjust the settings as desired by the owner to enable the smooth functioning of the appliance. For instance, the owner can customize the setting for auto cleaning of the vacuum cleaner’s dustbin. 
Like it is said, every appliance has its own pros and cons. Hence if the CordZero ThinQ A9 Kompressor is coming with so many enhanced features, it is needless to say that this could be a bit on the expensive side, although so far LG has not revealed its cost, nor has it announced any specific date for its arrival. Additionally, the owner would have to bear the charges of the dust bags that need to be housed within the charging station, as stated above.

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