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LG’s much Anticipated ‘Wing’ Phone Showcased in a Video

LG’s much anticipated ‘Wing’ phone showcased in a video; may arrive shortly

LG’s much hinted ‘Wing’ phone with two screens in a swiveling mode made an appearance in a video trailer. The video uploaded on YouTube displays the sliding technique exhibited by the device. Towards the end of the video, the date of September 14 is revealed. It is most likely the day on which LG would announce the swiveling device. In other words, this video is nothing but an invitation to the official announcement.

In an exclusive press release, LG notified that the latest device would belong to the Explorer Project. According to LG, the project’s main goal is to enhance the mobile sector with a lot of curiosity that is the need of the hour, along with lots of excitement. The project aims to reach out to unexplored areas in the mobile sector and add “new life” into the same.  

LG also plans on improving the overall experience of all its users with the aid of its trusted platform partners. It further adds that it will pay a lot of attention, mainly on the latest usability features with unique and innovative designs.

The Explorer Project marks a new beginning for LG in terms of mobile technology. LG’s latest arrival, the Velvet, would belong to LG’s “Universal Line” category. The devices lined up within the “Universal Line” section would be designed, keeping in mind the user’s lifestyles, very much like LG Velvet.

LG is teaming up with fellow industry partners like Rave, Fiction, Tubi, and NAVER to develop distinct features that would heighten the mobile user experience on devices coming under the Explorer Project. Joining these firms is Qualcomm Technologies, which is assisting LG by providing its high-tech processing technology along with the exact knowledge on how to improve the performance of LG’s device lineup.

Morris Lee, president of LG Mobile Communications, stated, “LG and platform partners feel it is vitally important to demonstrate to consumers new and differentiated user experiences in the smartphone space. LG has always been a pioneer in pushing the envelope of smartphone form factors, the only way to bring about much-needed innovation in the mobile market.”


As far as the “Wing” device is concerned, it looks like the phone is having two screens, designed so that the second screen is behind the first screen. The screen behind can be rotated to an angle of 90 degrees max in a horizontal direction. The resultant would look like a T-shaped phone. In other words, both the screens of the device can be aligned to form a T-shaped device. The user can view widescreen videos on this device, wherein the picture would be oriented by 90 degrees on the second screen. 

According to a recent leak that surfaced sometime last week, the device can also be used at the time of driving, where one screen can guide the driver in terms of the navigation while the other screen can play some music. 

The latest teaser launched by LG indicates that the company is trying to establish a name for itself in the mobile world. To find out more about the “Wing” phone, tune into LG’s official YouTube channel, and Facebook page at 10 am ET on September 14.

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