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LG’s Upcoming QNED TV Screens to onsist of 30,000 compact LEDs

LG’s upcoming QNED TV screens to consist of 30,000 compact LEDs

LG is undoubtedly the leading producer of OLED television screens across the world. However, it looks like the multinational electronics conglomerate is adopting a different technology for its upcoming TVs in 2021. Following the footsteps of TCL technologies, LG is planning to embed the Mini LED mechanism for its high-end 8K and 4K LCD television sets slated to arrive in 2021. Samsung would also be adopting the Mini LED technology pretty soon for its latest TVs. LG is expected to announce all of these updates very shortly. 

Mini LED technology at a glance.

LG claims that the quality levels of the picture quality within LCD TVs would be soaring to very high levels due to the Mini LED mechanism’s adoption. The premium quality LCD TVs arriving presently are equipped with the “full-array local dimming” characteristic, owing to which LEDs, sometimes in high numbers, act as a backlight at the rear of the screen. The lighting levels of these LEDs are controllable within specific zones. Whenever there is any scene or picture with a dark background, these zones’ brightness levels can be brought down as desired. That would only enhance the contrast and dark levels.

Owing to the usage of compact-sized LEDs and that too hundreds of them, the Mini LED technology strategy is quite different, considering that the contrast provided by these LEDs is very high within these multiple zones.

LG claims that its upcoming LCD sets would be featuring backlights composed of at least 30,000 minute LEDs, which in turn, are capable of generating enhanced levels of brightness, coupled with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Not to forget that these LEDs would be linked to about 2500 zones capable of fading out. Additionally, there are also a few enhanced native zones that can be dimmed out. 

As a result of these characteristics, viewers would notice improved contrast levels, HDR rate that is all the more dynamic and highly accurate color quality levels, compared to the earlier versions of LCD TVs. All of the upcoming LCDs are expected to sport a refresh rate of 120 Hz, as was the case with LG’s flagship TVs, which arrived this year.

LG refers to these high-level LCD TVs as “QNED,” wherein Q implies the quantum dot color, while N could refer to the “NanoCell” brand of LG fame. Customers looking to purchase TVs need to opt on what they wish between OLED, QLED, and QNED TVs while shopping. 

TCLs 8 Series could very likely give a tough competition to the LG QNED television sets in which the former is equipped with 25,000 compact LEDs that are spread out across 1000 zones that are again controllable. The QNED could be as big as 86 inches in size, claims LG. TCL’s 6 Series also makes use of Mini LEDs, although they are not as high as found in the 8 Series. 

However, LG would in no way be sidelining its OLED TVs, which it specializes in. Although the QNED TVs would be coming in with very high-level picture quality, LG would ensure that its OLEDs would be coming in with the best picture quality. 

And finally, it is important to note here that Mini LED technology is nothing close to MicroLED technology. Both of these technologies differ a lot. MicroLED TVs are much costlier when compared to the Mini LED TVs. Although the LG QNED TV price would be clear only after a few months, it would not be sky-high for sure.

Image source: TheVerge

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