Lian Li’s Motorized Standing Desk gets an Updated Version

This motorized standing desk from the production of Lian Li has undergone a lot of progress since the time it was first launched in 2016. These days, we have another variety which has a bigger space and comes in two sizes. It is a completely new version.

The standing desk has a good amount of space so that it can easily fit two liquid-cooled PCs inside it. It seems like any modern age high-tech based Hollywood stuff and too good to be working, but does work. On the click of a button, you see it turning from transparent to opaque and vice versa. The stuff is, of course, a bit pricey even after the smaller version but then premium stuff does cost higher. Do they not?

As said and pointed out earlier, they are providing you with 2 versions, one of which is slightly smaller than the other and hence costs comparably lesser. The bigger one whose model is nicknamed as DK-05F looks very classy. This classy version can adjust into 2 complete liquid-cooled PCs inside.

The price of the bigger sized version has been capped at an even $ 2,000. For all practical purposes, users might ask for a smaller version as well. If our guess has to be trusted and therefore, such an assumption is taken forward, there is no doubt that the higher price might propel them to seek a lower sized version. Indeed, the slightly smaller version costs around $ 500 less.

Again, no prizes if you have guessed the price of the junior standing desk! The junior motorized desk goes by the name of its model: DK-04F. It has a good amount of space for a single Personal Computer. The miniature version has been rightly priced at a sum of $ 1,499.99.

The motorized desks feature a tempered glass top. The thickness of the same is 8 mm, which is alright. The same can be turned to transparent from being opaque, and there is a button for this. The DK-04F model can easily adjust up to nine 3.5 inch HDDs or six 3.5 inch HDDs and three 2.5 inch SSDs. The smaller one is no less in this department, and thus the DK-05F can have a shot at eight 3.5 inches or 2.5-inch drive bays.

Both of these versions are slated to launch by the end of this month. As per sources, these motorized standing desks, both of them, should be launched on 28 April 2020 which is the stipulated date of launch. At Newegg, you can also place a preorder for any of the two. 

It should be known to the readers that the original standing desk had been conceptualized and first brought in the market some 4 years ago. The fans and lighting have improved a lot from the previous version of 2016. The RGB lighting is pretty darn better. Both of these desks are compatible with one or two E-ATX motherboard(s).

The desks have been made out of “premium aluminium” and offer pretty much a comfortable standing position. It does not matter whether you are a short person or a tall person; the height of the desks will not be a problem since it is adjustable. The height can be adjusted from 69 cm, i.e. around 27 inches to 117 cm, i.e. around 46 inches.

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