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LiveXLive has launched a new app for entertainment, for Apple TV, Samsung TV, and Roku users.

LiveXLive has launched a new app for entertainment, for Apple TV, Samsung TV, and Roku users

LiveXLive is ready to launch its very first application on smart TVs. Some of the major brand’s smart TVs are what LiveXLive is aiming at, like Apple TV, Samsung TV, and Roku. It is also planning to make the app available on Amazon Fire, but that is not a fixed deal yet. LiveXLive has been growing quite steadily over the past few months. Viewers enjoy the feature of being able to play the music and watch the video alongside. The customer count has gone up to about 90 million active users monthly. The app has become pretty popular amongst music lovers in both The United States as well as Canada. It has become a one-stop destination for pop culture fans’ audio and video needs. The app is designed in such a way that it offers its users a lot of interactivity. It focuses most of its updated features towards fulfilling consumer demands.

LiveXLive is a media streaming company that is headquartered in Los Angeles. It was founded in the year 2004. It quickly become very popular amongst music artists. It has also become a go-to for music festivals and concert hosts. It hosted its very own two-day long music festival called ‘music lives’ in April 2020. The content on LiveXLive is widely diverse as it hosts not only celebrity-driven podcasts and music channels, but also promotes individual and budding artists. It brings a huge variety of content available on the platform.

Robert Ellin, CEO, and Chairman of LiveXLive said that few companies or applications are offering a dual service like this. Thus they have little competition. He noted: “audiences have been clamoring for this functionality and few in the market deliver a truly unified experience like this”. He also added that as smart TV ad delivery in both audio and video formats improves, they will be well-positioned to make money on that front.

As of now, LiveXLive only has audio advertisements. Video ads are not allowed. A station can even endorse brands and sponsorships; it is allowed. Jackie Stone, Chief Marketing Office of LiveXLive, hinted that they are planning to shift from subscriptions to pay per view format for live streams. 

LiveXLive enables the music creators to draw a source of income from their followers, viewers, and subscribers. They also have access to streaming audio, podcasts, live-streaming, and videos whenever they need. It is a one-stop destination for artists to create content, promote their art, and distribute their music.

All the different companies hosting liveXLive’s app on their system have reported a good number of monthly active users. Apple TV gave a count of 33 million monthly active users of their plus subscription. On the other hand, Roku reported about 39.8 million active monthly users for their first quarter of 2020. 

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