Local criminal found to be hiding in Washing Machine, finally arrested

One of the most famous criminals of Moses Lake, Tim Riggins, was finally arrested by the police. The criminal has made many notorious activities and has a fair amount of crimes in his share. How did the police found him? Apparently, he was found to be hiding inside a washing machine after committing a crime.

On Sunday night, the named criminal threatened a woman and even robbed her belongings, which also included her car. When the police found out and came after him, Tim Riggins started running on foot and entered the Gateway Estates neighborhood. He went inside the nearest house and hid inside the washing machine.

According to the sources, the family staying in the house woke up due to unwanted noise and at once emptied the house, after informing the police. Once the police reached the location, they searched the house and found Tim to be hiding inside the washing machine. The criminal finally surrendered and was arrested by the police.

When the police retraced the path from where Riggins had made his escape, they found a number of items that even included explosives. The explosives were homemade, and we are guessing Riggins made them by himself or must have contacted some suppliers for the explosives. However, the police had informed the bomb squad at the moment, and the explosives were taken care of.

Riggins has a bad criminal record, and he is even being suspected of having attempted burglary with Kevin Beamish, who was arrested afterward. Not only that, Riggins was arrested a few days back when he was trying to jump from the wall and got injured. In addition to that, Riggins is also a suspect of the criminal who was captured on the K9 Rex a few weeks ago.

Though the police have arrested him, it is yet to be seen what punishment is going to fall on Riggins’s share or whether he would get bail. Though such criminals should get severe punishment, it is yet to be seen what was set for Riggins.

Tim Riggins has been charged for theft of car, second-degree robbery, community custody violator escape, harming an officer on duty, and even has a warrant for unlawful imprisonment. Why was he not arrested when caught for the burglary incident with Beamish? The reason is that Riggings was injured severely due to which he spared from being in jail at that time. Though he was spared due to injury, he still continued his crimes, and this time, the notorious criminal was caught red-handed and is currently in jail.

Any further news regarding this matter will be informed sooner. For now, all we can say is that do install security cameras in your house as that would help you to know of any suspicious activities going on in the house in your absence. There are various security cameras in the market, and you can select any one of them and have it installed in your home. Though the investment might be a lot, taking precautions is necessary.

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