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London Fire Brigade Expresses Concern Over Faulty Whirlpool Washing Machines

London Fire Brigade expresses concern over faulty Whirlpool washing machines

Whirlpool has been having a tough time, and yet tough roads still do persist in its case. The company which gathered all negative publicity in the UK for producing fire-prone washing machines had initiated a product recall as well. But, this time it is the London Fire Brigade that has expressed concern over defective Whirlpool washing machines.

The London Fire Brigade has warned that the washing machines from Whirlpool have posed an enormous threat to life and property. It stated that faulty wash machines had impacted thousands of people across the UK. The lives of these people, along with their families, have been put at immediate risk.

The washing machine company has already recalled over 50,000 washing machines just last year. The American company is doing repairing and replacement work in full swing. Whirlpool has replaced or repaired more than 177,000 wash machines so far. Even then, there are a number of households that have not been visited yet, and their security is a prime concern.

Meanwhile, Whirlpool has urged people not to continue with faulty machines, instead plug the wash machines off. The engineers of the company reach the homes of people and check the components of the machine to repair it. There is also a solid provision for a replacement which is in its middle stage.

The recall of the product had started sometime in January of the current year. At the time, the company had explained that there is a serious problem in the heating element of machines during manufacturing. Thus, the heating element, that was given in warmer washes, was prone to catch a spark. As a result, the door locks catch fire during the wash cycle due to overheating.

Earlier, the company had compiled a list of 21 of its washing machine models that were the most susceptible to catching fire. In that list covering all the potential troublemakers and already troubled machines, the American company said that it planned to recall. The company had made the list of 21 Hotpoint and Indesit models that were marked for a product recall.

The vice president of Whirlpool UK had also apologised to users for discomfort and inconvenience that is caused due to faulty machines. The company had compiled more than twenty wash machine models that would cease to be circulated in the United Kingdom. These were the ones which are being recalled. 

By an estimate, around 300,000 people might be having potentially dangerous wash machines at their homes. The current washing machines of the 21 listed models that are owned by buyers and even being used by customers have been in a process to be taken back by the company.

The fire brigade has expressed concerns over how fast the washing machine company, Whirlpool would be able to remove the products safely from people’s homes. It is an unnecessary panic that is being caused when people are already distressed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The economic repercussions are huge and have just begun to be seen.

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