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Looking out to Purchase Latex Mattresses? Head to the Avocado Green Mattress Sale on October 13 and 14

Looking out to purchase Latex mattresses? Head to the Avacado Green Mattress sale on October 13 and 14

Avocado Green Mattress, specialists in manufacturing organic and comfort-providing sleep products, has announced a flash sale of two days, on October 13 and 14. The sale has been put up for rejoicing the latest product manufactured by the mattress manufacturing organization. During this period, buyers can avail of huge discounts on the newly manufactured Latex mattresses, which are considered the most long-lasting and durable of all the Avocado mattresses manufactured so far. 

During the two-day sale period, customers can avail discounts of up to $200 on the purchase of fully biodegradable mattresses. To avail of this discount, users need to visit the site AvocadoMattress.com use the discount code PRIME200.

Avocado’s Latex Mattress is completely made of foam and is extremely sturdy and firm. It has been suggested for those people who are quite active, and for people who are habituated sleeping on their stomachs or backs. It is also suited for people who are tall and large. The mattress is stuffed with nine inches of foam, completely organic, and made of natural latex. 

Although there are a few foam mattresses that may provide a bouncy feeling when one sits or sleeps over them, Avocado’s Convoluted Latex comes with an American Chiropractic Association patent. These mattresses depict a very limited rate of motion transfer. The zig-zag waves from the mattress concentrate on the hard portions and the natural body curves, thereby ensuring a healthy spine. Moreover, one cannot feel any pressure over the shoulder and hip area. 

Apart from using GOLS organic certified Latex in its mattresses, there is also wool and cotton being used, both organic and GOTS certified. Hence, it is proved that Avacado makes use of completely natural and organic material in manufacturing its mattresses. The mattress has also been designed to be slim in size. Owing to this, the product portrays a very elegant look. 

Avocado’s Latex Mattress comes with GREENGUARD Gold certification. It comes with a 100% GOTS certification. The mattress ranks highest when it comes to fulfilling environmental and social responsibilities. 

Let us have a look at what all products within Avocado are a part of this two-day sale:

  • New Latex Mattresses have a discount of $200 on their purchase. Buyers need to use the discount code: PRIME200.

Apart from this two-day sale, Avocado has also announced discounts for a few of its other products till October 19. 

  • Users looking out to purchase Select Mattresses like Green, Vegan, and Luxe Crib Mattresses can avail of discounts up to $175. The discount code to be used is GREEN175. A certain section of purchasers such as doctors, nurses, military personnel, law enforcers, and a few more can avail an additional $50 discount over the purchase of any of the mattresses mentioned above. 
  • The purchase of Bed Frames from Avocado would result in the buyers getting a $150 discount. This offer applies to Avocado’s Natural Wood and Eco Wood Bed Frames. The discount code to be used is: BED150.
  • Buyers would be entitled to receive two free pillows worth $238 to purchase any mattress other than the Organic Crib Mattress. The pillows could be either Green Pillows, Molded Latex Pillows as well as Meditation Pillows. The discount code to be used here is: 2FREEPILLOWS.

Avocado Mattress comes with B Corp certification. It is also the first company to come with Climate Neutral certification. 

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