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Looking to purchase a cheap 5G phone? Wait for Samsung Galaxy A22 to arrive

Looking to purchase a cheap 5G phone? Wait for Samsung Galaxy A22 to arrive

The Samsung Galaxy A21 arrived onboard sometime during April this year. It now looks like Samsung would be bringing the Galaxy A22, too, sometime during 2021. The Galaxy A22 is expected to be the successor to the Galaxy A21. A publication agency in South Korea has revealed the news about Samsung Galaxy A22. What’s more, the Galaxy A22 is expected to set the benchmark for being the most affordable 5G phone.

Within the initial six months of 2021, Samsung would be bringing the Galaxy A32 into the market, which is again a 5G phone. As mentioned in a news report, the Galaxy A32 would be equipped with the Dimensity 720 5G chipset. That would cost about 299 euros (or approximately $365) in Europe. This 5G device is expected to be the cheapest until Samsung Galaxy A22 enters the picture.

The Samsung Galaxy A22 is expected to have a lower price than that of Galaxy A32. It is expected to cost somewhere around $185. The Samsung Galaxy A22 would be competing with 5G devices from biggies like Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo, all of which are based out of China.

Back in 2018, Samsung had used the ODM (original design manufacturing) order system, or the “private labelling” technique to allow Chinese smartphone makers to implement their designs within their smartphone devices. By 2019, due to the ODM strategy adoption, Samsung managed to increase the percentage of its phone makers within many markets. The main idea behind Samsung embracing the ODM system was that it wanted to shine out in its major markets, namely India and China.

However, SamsungSamsung’sology of going by the ODM system did not go down very well with many of its major suppliers. The latter supplied the smartphone maker with many parts required to manufacture a smartphone. Before the ODM strategy came into existence, these suppliers were great support for Samsung. Hence, Samsung accepted the JDM strategy (also known as joint development and production). By embracing this technique, Samsung would not be completely involved in activities like product manufacturing, designing the product, and within many of the production processes as most of these activities would be delegated to various others. 

Rather, Samsung would play an important role while deciding the device’device’sications, which is quite less when seen from the complete device manufacturing and production processes. Samsung is expected to make use of the JDM policy for manufacturing the Samsung Galaxy A22. 

The South Korean smartphone maker is expected to launch the Galaxy A22 in many of its upcoming markets within South East Asia. It is also looking forward to shining within the Indian market, as India is now emerging to be a very lucrative smartphone market. Samsung would be entering into a collaboration with Wingtech and Hwachin, both of which are based out of China, to manufacture the Galaxy A22.

Presently, there are no other details related to Samsung Galaxy A22 that have come to the core. However, a few rumors suggest that the device could be equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 700 SoC, although nothing is confirmed. More details pertaining to the device could arrive sometime during the early phase of 2021.

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